I'm so happy I read this page! I am 23 and my professor has been e-mailing me about his life since I had him two semesters ago. He wasn't my professor last semester but I have him this semester and he's e-mailed me and has been very flirtatious througout a 7 month course. I wasn't doing so well in his class so he gave me a two week extention to do some extra work. I've always known he's liked me, by the way even though I'm in his class he still e-mails me (he's very sentemental and kinds geeky) and when he talks to me his face turns really red, which I think is so adorable. During this two week extentnion we met at Mcdonalds so he could help me with some math problems and although he tried to tell me about himself, I kept the focus on math, I was trying to make him want me more. He, during that time, showed me a picture of his 3 children! I couldn't believe it because, he looks pretty young but it turned me on because it showed that he was a caring person. One night I wrote him an e-mail and asked if he could call me about some of my math problems... I'm not going to lie I really just wanted to get to know him too. He e-mailed me back and told me that he would call me and that I shouldn't call him because his wife might think it is weird that some young girl would be calling the house. I couldn't believe he had been married this whole time! I mean he walks around school without a wedding ring, what's up with that? What is he looking for? He has spent all this time trying to get to know me through e-mail... does he want a relationship? I'm very hurt because I've thought about him a lot and have grown a gigantic crush on him, only to have it smashed. I have this feeling that he has deep feelings for me but then I correct myself and tell myself I'm demented and that this is probably his strategy he uses on other female students. I can't get him off my mind. Why did this have to happen to me. That big loser ugh... but he's so cute. (sorry there is no spell check on here.) If anyone can help me... please do, I'm running on thin ice, and I'm falling for man who is married and starting to get ideas about him leaving his wife. I feel like the horrible one.