Having a relationship with a married man is really a BIG mistake..Ive been into that situation..we were office mates before and tried to court me..until then he resigned in the company where we worked together and still he continue courting me..I find him attractive and hes very smart..all i want from a guy is like him..we go on date together..he always makes me feel special like sending flowers and etc..as the time goes by, im falling inlove with him and have fun together..we enjoyed every moment when were together.
After 6 months of being together, I told him not to continue anymore because it hurts to know that we will not be together forever..but he always insisted that time comes he will file an annulment and not to lose hope..of so much inlove with him, i believe on what he said and continue the relationship we have..It came to a point that we argued a lot..he broke me up because he cant give what i want especially the time i demand because hes very busy at work and his favorite kid..i was so heartbroken at that time and dont want him to let go..i beg him not to let go and accept all the fact that we will not be spending time together as what we used to do..i know im dumb but i didnt mind it...the relationship still go on because he accepted also that he dont want to lose me and he still loves me and have to sacrifices everything untill we were together.
It came to a point that his 2 kids was confined in the hospital and that was the time he didnt called..the relationship was so vague...i cried a lot because i feel like i was taking for granted..until such time i wanted to move on but suddenly he called me and was sorry for everything why he suddenly was cold...I accepted his sorry because i dont want to hurt him...
I just realized that he cant be mine, he will never be mine as what ive expected..i tried myself not to contact him anymore..its not really easy to forget him but i am trying myself..i dont want to engage a married man anymore because i cant get anything good from him and could cause only trouble to his family..it hurts though but i have to accept everything..
all i could say to those single women out there please dont engage your self to a married man because it just make ur heart broken.