so you think someone is cheating on you huh. well you're not alone. sometimes we think that our love ones are cheating when they really not. if you suspect somone is cheating on you, the best way to find out is to keep it to yourself. don't start asking questions because if you do, you will make the other person awared and it will be more difficult to catch them in the act. so my advise is to some someone like a friend or lover follow that person around to see if they are cheating on you. if you have a lover who is following him or her, then you should stop it know, cuz if you have a lover than you are doing the same thing and you should be ashame of yourself also. but if you are not, then its best to confront the person only when you have solid evidence, otherswise, you are just being suspecious and that's not enough. i had a friend who found his wife in bed with another guy and that was horrifying for her to see. we kept telling her that we saw the dude at work making out with some other chick and we called her, she saw them both in the car, but she kept quite because she didn't want to divorce her husband because of her kids. having kids is tough because their lives will be ruin. so how can you tell if your husband, wife, girlfried or boyfriend is cheating on you, well, i would start by asking them is they are cheating on you.