if you just broke up with your boyfriend or husband and you are feeling blue this must be a sad time for your. getting over a guy (man, boyfriend or husband) is tuff. the only remedy for getting over a man is time. unfortunately when you are in love and you want to get over a man its time, time will be the only thing to heal your pain. alcohol or drugs only make it worst. there are people who might think that going out with another guy will help. it think its the opposite, it will only remind you more of him and you could end up hurting someone else so its best to just give yourself some time. the worst thing you can you during this painful time is to listen to music. whatever you do, dont listent to music because it will only hurt more. if you really want to get over a guy, you need to stop thinking about him. the less you think about him, the less your heart will want him. if you stop listeinig to music, it will help you not think about the momments you shared. trust me, if you don't listen to music at all for a whole week, you will feel the difference, if you really want to get over him, it will take about a month till you start to feel normal - that is if you don't listen to any music. try it, you'll see. another thing to do is to avoid everything that reminds you of him, things like photos or places you went together for example. it sounds depresing but its the only way i know of getting over a guy.