so what do guys look for in a girl. the answer is simple (i think) its called breasts!! I am fascinated with breast, after breasts, i think guys look for brains. finding a smart girl is important to a guy. i hate it when i meet a girl and she start asking questions. not just any questions, these are basic questions like. "what do guys look for in a girl" - isnt it obvious? its called feelings. but seriously, this is my list of things i look for in a girl. they are in order of importance:

1. heart - someone with a kind heart.
2. brains - smart girl is always a turn on (but not smarter than me)
3. independent - i like a girl who knows how to take care of herself
4. grooming - i like girls that wear make-up, polish her nails, dye their hair, shave legs and arm pitts, etc..
5. not lazy - i hate chicks that are lazy and only wants to stay at home watching tv