I am going through a hard time right now. I met a man 8 years ago he was married i was falling for him so much that I could not stop thinking about him, we were loveuality active for one year during this time, his wife found out about my relation with him. At that time this man decided to leave me so he could start with his wife again to try to work things out since they have kids he didn't want to leave them; so they moved to another state. three years later he came back and first thing he looked for me, I had already moved on with my life but i was still single, so when he called one time I told him i was not interested to be with him again because the past (what we went through before) anyway after 5 months he called me and told me that he had left his wife and that if i would give him a chance again, because he never stop loving me so I did. Right away he moved in with me but for the first month, he would take his youngest son who is 16th to different places to spend time with him, but after beginning the third moth he started coming inside his wife apartment, the wife dose not work so he carried with all the expenses in the house so little by little he has become very happy with us two, like living to lives, I was not aware of how close they were but i stared to finding out things I could believe i got pregnant with a baby boy which made him very happy but still not enough for him to stop having this double life. He dose not make much money but he tries to give the new baby everything he needs but always most of his salary goes to his wife and son. just recently he told me he was going to go to his country to visit his family and that he was going to two weeks away and I found out that he did go but he took his wife and son with him. while the time in his country he called me just once and I never heard from him. I am confuse if he went with her for a reconciliation or what. what do you think please help me to find out what is the best thing to do.