I was so glad to read this story. I became friends with a friend on Facebook from High School. I was about to separate we were just friends. He was so unlike any man i knew. He said trust me , I 'm not like the rest. I don't think either of us thought we be here. He was married. We for awhile just talked on line then on the phone. For about 5 weeks we have been having phone fun. THats all no physical interaction. WE do it everyday sometimes more than once. WEll I knew it wasn't right it didn't make me feel good and in fact made me crazy because who wants to share a man. I was separated and although I wasn't ready to be with someone like living or anything i knew I could not keep doing this unless he committed to making a plan to leave his wife which he said he do. I don't feel in my heart he set out to use me. I think when someone cheats its not always like Tiger Wood its a break down somewhere in their marriage otherwise he would never have wanted me. He knows that. We had a very intense thing and he said he loved me. WEll I just couldn't do this anymore because it brought out issues of being threaten and trust that in time i be wasting my time. So I told him he needed to decide what he wanted a gave him a time line. He said he wanted that but them what he would loose and if its just him and his wife no kids. But family grand kids I think freaked him out. He said he didn't think he could make a commitment now and gave some reason of somethings going on . I feel that I need to tell his wife but unlike others I need to do this for me and her. She needs to know because there is something missing and she needs to fix it too. I want to know if I was her. I feel I done a bad thing and if I tell her it might help me to put things right and stop the lies. He is freaking because I think he thought he get the best of both worlds. THat isn't happening and he is upset that I would tell her and I think he should tell her I know I hurt so bad because I loved and believed this man