this exchange guy from germany he plays soccer hot and awesome accent. so i reallyy wanted to talk to him so i went to one of his game and then my friend told him i like him. and the guy i like said i was kinda attractivee.what does that mean? and then after the game i told him who i was and he told me who he was and i told him he played well. so he leaves soon but i really want a relationship with him before he goes. i want to see how it would be like to date him than to always regrett never telling him. so how do i talk to him i mean he has a class right next to mine and i want to have a relationship before he goes back home so what do i do to get him to ask me out and want to be with be?i feel so different around him. he's so different and quite and shy. he's someone i want to be with. so please help me