dear columinst i have question about relationsip u see i'm a female who is depesseraly need ur help about dating advice u see i had been out on date for abut 12 times ackward i know but u see the thing is u see guys especially somalian boys or men likes to take advangage of me which i dont appearicate but the point is that well i really want guy who will treat me rite and doesnt care abut fun or looks only cares about personality which i always take i really dont care if the person is ugly, cute, tall, short, fat or skinny it matter who they are and thats wat it count u know but u see i really hate when they ask me out for only one date i'm mean for god sake how on earth can get to know person one nite u suppose go out twice and next time u know or dont ask out anymore u know wat i mean anywayz i really need ur help cuz i hate crying everynite into my lonly bed with tears flowning down my cheek and wishing i was dead i'm sick and tired of being all alone by myself i need someone to make me happy, to take me out u know