I'm in 6th form and there is this lad who is in the year above me, and i see him quiet abit during school as our lockers are close and stuff, but when ever he sees me he stares at me and when i look at him back he sometimes looks away but not all the time. One time i was doing some workin the corridor and i hear some one coming so i looked up then when he got to the end of the corridor he looked back, i only know because the teacher said that boiy looked back at you :-S and the same day at dinner he was with one of his mates and one of my mates decided to be gobby at him and i told her to shut up then he turned around looked directly at me and had a grin on his face and said "shhh"...what does this mean? We have never spoke at school or anything, and i dont know what this means. Can anyone help me with this? please! x