How To Tell If A Player Likes You Quiz

Well me and this guy hav been messing around all school year and from my friends i know hes a player.I want to see if i can make him fall in love with me.But he knows that he is "fine" and he flirts with all the pretty girls. We text every now and then but not so much as to where we like each other.Hes told me he wants 2 get in my pants and has tried 2 do so before.We only have one class period together and thats where he does all the flirting especially with me. I want him to think i am the one for him. because i kind of lik him but not really. He always tries 2 get my attention in class and whenever we hang out. ive noticed. but in class sometimes i can see from the corner of my eye that he is staring at me and sometimes he makes mean gestures to get on my nerves, i do the same to him. He always looks at my smile He always tries 2 get a glance at them but doesnt.But we hav kissed before. and im not sure how to get him 2 fall for me.