Ok soo I like this guy named Tate, he flirts alot. When we first were talking there was like 2 other girls in the conversation. I saw him stare into my eyes and then look me up and down and then he looked down at my feet and said "Nice shoes girl! That's cool they have guitar picks on them." then I replied "What??" and then I looked down at my shoes then he said "Did you even know they had guitar picks on them?" and then he started talking to the other girl. And one time I was sitting at a table in class and he was in front of me with his friend. Then almost at the end of the class period him and his friend got up right in front of me and were smiling and laughing and looking at eachother and me then Tate put my computer away for me. (I don't think I was supposed to put the computer away yet.) BTW I'M THE QUIETEST GIRL IN SCHOOL I NEVER TALK UNLESS SOMEONE TALKS TO ME AND I'M SUPER SUPER SHY. On some days he'll talk to me and other days he won't talk much. One time in P.E we all got put in groups and it was me,Tate,Breyman,and another guy. Breyman and Tate were supposed to do this sock racing thing in P.E and Breyman said her knee hurt and then he said to her "Come on my new best friend!" and then Breyman (She's mean to me all the time saying I don't particiate in anything)gave him a dirty look and then she's like I don't want to do it WHY CAN'T EMILY DO IT? Then the other guy was like Emily can u please do this? Then I was like I don't want too.. and then the guy and Breyman started arguing and me and tate were smiling at the argument. Then she said she wanted to do what i was supposed to do in the group, and that is jumping off something (how could she do that if her knee hurt??) anyways then I herd Tate saying to the other guy like how Breyman was trying to make me do it and how it was not nice and then he said how could she jump off something if her knee hurt its rediculous. And yesturday I herd Tate talking to Erika saying he won't tell her his real name and then hes like i can only tell that girl over there my secret real name. then shes like who? and he whispered emily and looked at me then he said, she won't tell anyone (cuz i dont talk much)then he smiled at me and i smiled at him. sorry its soo long im in a hurry my moms home and i dont want her to see this. we hardly ever talk unless he's by me. I always see him talk him talking to other girls. his two best friends is a girl and a guy. bye my moms getting mad at me.