I have been going out with him on and off for 3 years, meet at his house and then go our separate ways. I didnt see him for 4 months because I live in the Poconos and he lives in the city and I had alot of stuff going on personally, he started calling me every day in early December, said he wanted to get together, texting me every day, coming to see me at my place, traveling on a bus from NY to PA to spend the night with me. Got all mad cause I didnt answer the phone when he was trying to call me one day(haha). Then he called me and said some girl was trying to call me and if she did would I please tell her that we are just friends, I assume he lives with her cause he is always broke and often lives with women out of necessity... think he was actually feeling me or using me? I told him that I would have kissed him anyway, why did he pretend to have feelings for me, he was a mess and apologized, said he would call me, now his phone is disconnected. Cold winter to be homeless I suppose. I sent him money a few times when he was down and out. Im done, getting over it, think he had feelings?

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