Okay, so theres this guy. Who is like the top-dog of everything. No other guys mess with him cause they know he either has other boys or that he's real good at fighting. So basically, where im getting at with that is he has a whole bunch of pride for that matter. & when it comes to the girls, hes basically been around with everyone. He tries talking to every girl and either he dates them and they just break up right after, or he tries to talk to them and the girl chooses not to. So im the situation where he begins to like me, but i dont give him none of my time. He says sweet things, and i will admit i do fall for it, but to him nothings working. I play real hard with him which makes him call me each day or IM me on myspace all the time he sees im online. He tries to talk serious so that he could get to know me better and we could possibly date eachother. He's been trying his hardest for about 4 months now and not once gave up. I do know of him talking to girls here and there, but none of it last long and here he comes talking to me again. I really dont know what to do. Either its my instincts telling me not too, or his past taking hold of my actions. I really do like the guy, but i just dont know if im ready to take the risk. Any adivce?