How To Tell If A Player Likes You Quiz

ok, to get this player, all you have to do is be a player yourself, how? well, you have to play hard to get. guys who are players are not easy to trap because they know they have other options or other 'toys' as they call them, so they aint gonna waist your time with you if you dont show them you are interesting.

the best way to get their attention is to show them you are smart, players love girls who are smart because they love the challenge, so make him challenge you and all that time while he is being challenged he will spend more time with you and will get to know you more, the more time you spend together, the more closer he gets to you if you want make a guy who you think its a player, i have created this simple quiz to show you if this guy is playing with you and how you can make him yours, its not going to be easy but its possible.

tell me as much as you can about him and what you like about him so i can determine what your best answer is the more information you give, the more this little fun quiz will be able to tell you how you can trap that playa!