okaay so this is kinda qonna be lonq.okay there is this one boy i really do think i like him! Before i started likinq him i would always catch him starinq at me! and one time he knocked my backpack down for no reason?? like i donteven know him and i dont think he veen knows my name!but aanyways one day we got out of school early and i went to go eat somewhere iwth my friends and i saw him there and out of nowhere he sits where imm sitiinq and asks me if i can shuffle??? thats when i started likinq him! buut a like one time i just said ''hii GEE'' and he looked at me kinda wierd ahah!
and then another time i was just standinq there and he uunzipped my backpack and i said somethiqn to him and he just looke dback and smiles:D aha. and then one day after i was with some of my friends and i said sometjiqn to one of my friends and he looks back and i told him ''whyd you look back?'' buut he ALWAYS mumbles WHEN he talks to me. but i think he said ''im not lookinq at you'' but yeaah i REALLY like him and i just kinda want to know if he likes me too. cuus like he liked my bestfriend before but idont think he likes her cus he told her he doesnt anymore. buut everytime i see him i always catch him starinq at me sometimes he looks away or he just keeps looking for five more seconds then looks away. so idk? help me please!

and then there is another boy.....
i used to like him buut not anymore.
and he startinq to talk to me now.
and one time he hit me on purposee and then just smiled.
what does that mean???
helpp me please!!??