well there's this guy i work with, and we started having a "thing" for one another then i got wind that he had a girlfriend, but when i would ask him about it he always gave me the same reply "No, i don"t have a girlfriend, stop asking me that." Well so i took it as he didn't. We literally done everything together, we went out to eat, movies you name it..well then i get on this site called Topix dot com and his name is a subject on it, his girlfriend had written on there and they have been together for quite sometime. So my question is "Even though he constantly stares at me at work, does he or doesn't he like me?" I'm very desperate at this point, because i really do like him a lot!

so if you are wondering how can you tell if your coworker in in love with you these are some things you may have noticed:

1. he calls you alot
2. he comes to your cubicle alot
3. he emails you alot
4. he agrees with all you ideas
5. he has lunch with you alot

what have you noticed about your office mate?