Update! Well the you know what hit the fan a few weeks ago and my married man was found out by his wife. I gave him an ultimatum to come clean and be honest with her. He told me he did all that and that it was a mess, that she was hurt, he was hurt because she was hurt and angry, etc. and he even said he was on suicide watch because he was afraid that his entire life was falling apart. He also texted me that when he had an affair four years prior that part of that process was that he had to write a letter of apology to the man of the woman he had an affair with. I took that to mean I should do that with his wife, so I sent her a text saying that I was sorry for my part in hurting her and if she wanted to yell at me that I was here. Well, she called, asked who I was, then asked if I were having an affair with her husband. I got speechless because according to what he told me he had told her everything. He lied. She knew nothing. He was just trying to get me off his back about it. He is such a pathological selfish using liar! She has been bugging me for two weeks to tell her all of it and I finally gave in and gave her all the proof she was seeking on Friday. He deserves his consequences. She told me she thought we were kindred spirits in a weird way because he used, lied to and hurt both of us deeply. He is seriously mentally ill and all I associate him with now is extreme pain, despair, anger and even hatred now. I feel bad for hating him but the pain is still too fresh and I will never be able to allow him into my life again because I will never trust him. She said that he lied about everything about her and his relationship. My girlfriend talked me into signing up with Plentyoffish dot com . and I have met the perfect man for me in every way! He knows about all this and he has been so supportive of me! I finally feel loved and cherished as what I was seeking and that married man promised me he did of me which was another bald faced lie so that he could use me on the side whenever he felt like it. He deserves every bit of his misery and to eat his heart out for throwing away the best love he will ever have had in his life. I know he will suffer and be miserable the rest of his life because he is incapable of real love for one and because he really is just a miserable person who wants to make everyone else around him as miserable as he is. I hate him and have absolutely no sympathy left for him. But if not for him bringing me out here I wouldn't have met this new man in my life who seems to be my true soul mate so I have to consider that. Maybe he was the rocky road I had to take to get here.