Ok so this guy, i like has been looking at me 2 times in honors choir he stared at me in frount of the class all i coud do was laugh he always trys to make me laugh or start a convo. and somtimes toches me like pokes me??? and my friends all say he likes me but i do not belivie becuase he is the type of guy that would tell u he likes you , and i am shy so i don't really talk to him. . . i wanna but ia m scared like istent it weired to ramdomly say hi ?? somthimes he sings to me (to be weired) a couple times he has said heather nice out fit or have you changed your hair? i wamma go out with him but i do not wanna ask him out or ask for his nummber he sits next to me in scince chir honors choir and history but never talks to me only like in hours choir when my friend sara is there lately