I like this guy because he knows how to make me laugh when i don't wont to, and he treats me like a person should be treated.

like three days ago I went to a friends house and he was there and when i walked in we didn't speak but as soon as I went to the restroom he turned around and asked my mom if i was mad at him and she said no she isn't mad and when i came back to the room my mom said Nicky thinks your mad at him and as i turned his way he was staring at me and i said hey and no i'm not mad at you, why would i be. Then i went to the table to look at some pictures and he started playing with my hair and then his friend Bryan asked about my dog and while i was showing him pictures of my dog Nicky was play punching my thigh and all he could do was smile and stick his tongue out at me but way before i got to my friends house him and Nicky got into it about me and Nicky said to Jody "you know me and Becky was talking" and Jody said "no i didn't know that" and Nicky said yes and she was my girlfriend and she still is and your suppose to be my friend and leave my girl alone". okay, yeah that confuses me alot and plus Nicky talks about me to Bryan alot. ma'am what does this mean?

but, when me and Nicky was together he made me feel like a princess and like my life was a romantic movie, I don't love him but i really like and care about him and he is remarkable and not leaving out amazing.