wow i really like your z, i also have a 1996 300zx and i love my car. its so much fun to drive.

anyways, i want to post a message here to let everyone know that i have an aftermarket front bumper for sale. this is a very rare bumper. if you look at most bumpers now a days, they all have the front fog lights casing. but if you notice on my, it doesnt which makes up for a really clean and aggressive look.

if you are interested or any of your readers please reply




i bought it for $450 dollars,
when i bought it, the manufacturer i got it from, they send it to me through greyhound. i guess that was the cheapest way to deliver it. so he delivered it to me, then when the box arrived, the lady from greyhound called me and she said i can come to pick up the package. i went with my suv and put it in the back. unfortunately i never got to install it as i sold the car. now im left with this cool bumper. i've had it for a year now. so i figure it would be better being on a Z instead of my garage. i live in the san francisco bay area, california so if you live near or close to it would be better that you come and pick it up cuz i would be hard to ship it since i have no clue on how to package and i dont have the materials to package something like this.