replacing a timing belt is alot of work, if you take it to the dealership is alot of money. so if you are wondering how much will a timing belt replacement will cost, you are looking at 1500 dollars.

if you dont know what you are doing, its best to leave it to the professionals, but if you know about cars you can follow this short tutorial..

1. remove fan cover and fan
2. remove alternator belt, power steering belt and ac belt
3. remove harmonic balancer
3. remove radiator hose
4. remove timing belt plastic covers, there are two at the top and one at the bottome.

now that you have remove all the above, your engine will look like this:

5. align all the DTC top dead center points.

now install a 10 MM bolt in the tensioner and make sure the tensioner is all the way in the closed position, the way you close it is with a big flat screw driver and use it as a lever to push it in.. WARNING: do it slowly, as you push, threat the screw in with your and until its all the way in, when it all closed, remove the bold from the tensioner and you can remove the old timing belt

now install the new timing belt and align the 4 white lines on the timing belt with the dtc marks on the gears

now that you have the timing belt installed, make sure to move the gears to the left <- (counterclock ) at least 20 degrees to allow the auto tensioner to put some tension to the timing bels, otherwise, you will install the timting belt all wrong and you will ruin your engine. so becaurful, if you have doubts dont continue. in fact, dont even try this until you read it first and you are confortable doing it.

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