removing the engine was not easy, but i did it.

If you want to remove you engine from your 300zx, this is how i did it.

i went to the rental shop and rested an engine hoist for $30 a day

the hardest and time consuming part was removing all the vacuum and electrical connections. if you are doing this for the first time, i would recommend that you take notes and/or pictures where everything goes. trust me, you will be glad you listened to me.

i advise you to remove the front hood, I've seen some people who try to remove the engine with the hood still on, but it will just make your life easier if you remove it.

once you have remove all the vacuum, cooling, AC, and electrical connections, you have to remove the exhaust. you will find that some of the bolts are going to be rusted, make sure you put some lubricant before you start to remove these bolts, or else, you will break them and that's going to be a nightmare taking them out, and you are going to need new ones anyway.

ok, now the engine is only connected to the transmission and the mounts.. next you have to unbolt the transmission. this is not so hard as the exhaust, its actually more simpler than the exhaust. after you have unbolted all the transmission bolts, you can start to unbolt the engine mounts. be careful, don't unbolt the mount from the body, but the unbolt the ONLY bolt that's connected to the engine and the mounts, before you unbolt these two from the left and right, be sure to support the engine with a floor jack from under the engine.

now take a couple of chains (these were probably provided by the hoist renting company) and attached them securely to the engine.

once you have the engine securely chained to the engine hoist, remove the two bolts from the mounts holding the engine.

get your best friend and start to pull the engine up. SLOWLY!!!!.

watch out for the rack and pinion assembly below, i busted mine because i was not careful, and after i put back the engine, the power steering fluid started to leak. :(

you are just going to have to be patient and wiggle the engine around and pull it out slowly, there is no other way, these engines fit tight in the engine compartment.

remove 300zx engine