i have a problem with my 1996 nissan 300zx non turbo.

it all started one day when i went to visit my friend from san francisco to napa. it was a very hot day. when i was going there, it was a normal drive. no problems.. i spend like 6 hours hanging with my friend until i was time to go back home. on my way home, as i got in the freeway, i started to feel like the engine was gonna die. it felt like it was stumbling. i could feel the car losing power, then getting it back. it kept happening. i remember it happened to me once before, when i used to go to my work, there was a down hill, and usually, i would just put my car on neutral while i coast down the hill. but the engine would die. so i remember i went online and found this article about how you can fix it by replacing the original air filter with a pop charger.. so i did, and the problem went away. until now.. i remember the article talking about the maf (mass air flow sensor). another thing that happened recently was the some plastic cover under the front bumper felt and im not sure if this is causing some air pressure somewhere. but that was two weeks ago, and it had been running ok all this time without it.

so i connected my OBDII reader and got an error code of P0180 - Fuel Temperature Sensor

i checked the connector to be sure it was seated properly, and it was.. so now i have no idea what to do.

update: after troubleshooting, i was able to find out the fix. you see, i installed a KnN filter and for some reason, there was this plastic part below the front bumper that was supposed to relect air out from the air filter area and all the air was coming into the air filter and for some reason it was causing this problem. i went to the junk yard and found a used one. i installed it and after that, i didnt have anymore problem.

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