if you want to join a gang, there's a better gang and more powerful than the MS13 Mara Salvatruca.

join the arm forces, there you will be able to do many things just like Mara Salvatrucha, but best of all, you're gang will never leave you behind and will never betray you. best of all, you will make your parents proud and your friends will respect you far more than street gangs. you have no future with street gans man.

When i was a youngers, i remember i didnt want to join the army because i was going to get kill. isnt that the same thing in street gangs, you also run the risk of getting kill.

so why do other kids join gangs anyway? i think its because right now when you are young, you feel like you want to belong. but dont let other brain wash you into thinking that gangs are secure, because they are not. the leader will do whatever he wants with you, and you will not have control of your life, you will be like a slave to him. that's scary. can you imagine being a slave to someone, hell no. not me. but how about if you were the leader. you know in your heart you are a good guy. but you can still become a leader, a soldier and a proud american. you know, no one guarantees that you are going to live till you get old. and i know that one of the fears when i was a teen was that i didnt want to join the army because i was afraid of dying. Dont think about death, think about LIFE. you will have a great life and your will give your kids and wife a great life too. yeah, thats right, family.. even tho you dont think about family right now. eventually you will have to work and support your own family. street gangs will only teach you violence, you can't make money like that. sure, they will tell you that you can make money, but its dirty money. who know how much blood has gone to get that money. think about it, what are you going to be doing when you are 40 years old with two kids and a wife. you think a company is going to give you a high paying job if you tell them that you were in a street gang.. hell no.

i remember when i was applying for my first job, i applied at different places, and they asked for any military expirience.. why, because they know if you come from the military you will be a good person. people know and we are proud of soldiers, but ashamed of street gangster. do you want live ashamed all your life?