Does He Like Me Quiz?

how do you know when a shy guy likes you?

i have ways of knowing if a really shy guy likes you, but i am not going to tell you because if you are a boy, then you will know my secrets.

but i will give you a little hint ok.

if there's a boy who you think he likes you but he is very shy, so how can you tell for sure if her really likes you or if its just your immagination...

for the most part, shy boys are very quiet and like to be alone. these boys are called "loners" at school. but that doesn't mean that he's not interesting. infact, if you like misterious guys, this is the type of guy you want to get to know because they have so much to tell.

ONE BIG TIP to know if a shy man likes you, is sometimes when shy guys like you, they stare at you. the look at you and as soon as you look at them, they turn away..

so here's where my big secret come in, but that's all a im going to tell you..

if you want to learn more, you're going to have to tell me your story and maybe i'll post my secrets here.
So you want to know if a guy like you right?

OK, click on the spinning wheel to try your luck to see if he likes your or not.