My crush knows I like him or has known that I've liked him. Sometimes he's like everywhere I go and other times he acts like I'm not even there : ( He ad I are both REALLY shy with each other because I know that it is possible for him to like me from before. So what do u think. Do u think he likes me ?? or...Don't be too mean because I'm quite sensetive about these things : ) Thanx

Also for 2 days he was like hanging round where I was lunch time (yes we are still in high school) but the other day he didn't seem as interested : (

Yestareday he was walking towards where I hang out on his own. He was on the phone and he was walking towards me and when he saw me he turned around and started walking to where I was going.

Today we were in the common room and I heard one of his friends say my name does this mean he doesn't like me?Then lunch time he went to where I hang out. On the way out of school he was with his friends and he like made a weird noise (like a sorta scream?) He is very shy.