so this guy at school i like in school asked me out. we went out together and we connected. at first i was excited to meet him, then as i got to know him more, i started to have doubts about him. there were different occasions where he really disappointed me. now that we are going out together, i was wondering if there was such a love song that would sing about knowing if a guy like me or not. so one day i was in my room thinking about if i could think of any songs about finding out if you like him or not. and the only one i can think of is The way I loved you by Taylor Swift. you should listen to it, its about love and exactly how i am feeling right now.

Well im 12. Last year we went on vacation to Mexico [i live in CA] and we went to a pueblo [town] and i saw this guy, at first he was just some kid but i noticed he kept staring at me ALOT it kinda got me angry off but then i started liking the attention he was giving me. i never actually talked to him, all we did was stare at each other. i was there for 3 weeks and i had to go back home. Later on in the year i learned he was 15. I liked him the entire year. This year i went back and He found out i liked him the day i left last year. so wen i went back i saw him the next day and I stared at him a lot but he only looked a few times, my cousins were with me and they were like Hes looking at you! wen it was time to go home tht nite i caught him looking at me and we stared at each other for about 10 seconds but i looked away, then i looked again and he was still looking at me so we stared again for abt 5 sec then i left. the same thing happened for the next 2 days and on new years my friend [his cousin] got me and him to talk. He got all shy and he started smiling alot. she was all telling him to tell me hi and to kiss me. he was like noo... but he didnt say it straight out lykk guys say HELL NO! wen they dont like you at all, he just shyly said no/ then she told him tht i wanted to go out with him and he looked shocked cuz his eyes got big. IM NOT SURE WAT THTS SUPPOSED TO MEAN. then she asked him wen he was guna talk to me and he got all nervous but he sed the 2nd of January which was tomorrow. so then i left cuz my grandparents saw me with them. then on the 2nd he didnt evn talk to me, so on tht day i was kinda angry at him but ther was a rodeo so i hung around ther [hes in the banda (banda is lykk a mexican band) so he had to be at the rodeo] so i was talking to my cuzins. he nos my cuzin D cuz D is his cuzzin to, but i was talking to my other guy cuzin and my crush doesnt no who tht cuzin is. [i was at a corner where i can see my crush perfectly] so wen i looked up my crush was staring at me and my cuzin. so i started laffing and talking with my cuzin more, in the corner of my eye i cud see my crush was still staring but wen i looked he looked away and started talking to his friends, but he still occasionally glancing at me and mty cuzin. The rest of tthe time there was a HUGE party in the pueblo, it was tradition to attend. so whenever i got near him he got lykk nervous, i cud tell.. he always denies that he like me wen my friend and my cuzin ask him, but the way he acts around me makes me think that he does like me. I NEED HELP