i really like this guy and he is so shy. but how can you get a shy guy to ask you out anyways?

well if you are going trough the same thing you will appraciate my tips.

usually shy guys are the good ones to keep.

its often the man's role to initiate a relationship with a girl. i mean, the guy has to do all the work to get a girl right..

well, if you know a shy guy and you like him and he also likes you. you better start initiating conversations with him..

ok, by now you are probably saying: I am not going to do that!!

well if you dont, then he will get away.

you will be amazed once you get a shy dude to trust you. they will open up to you and you wont have to initiate nothing. he will treat you like a princess and love you like no one else. he will make you feel special and loving. he will only have eyes for you.

what do you think?