I am a boy and i have this girl that I like, but i am very shy and i want to know how i can get a girl to like me. There are some articles i've read that show you some tricks on how to make a woman like you, but they don't cover all the important things about getting hurt.

I read in one place where it said to give a chick flowers and they will fall in love immediately, but i know that's not true. So what do girls like in a guy?
Today's girls are very picky. They want perfection in a man and when they find the perfect man, they end up getting hurt when really the perfect man was infront of their face.

Anyway, Im not a proffessional gigalo, but i would like to know some tips on how i can make this girl like me. what can i do?

ps, i think gigalo should be spelled: gigolo
What is a gigolo ?

A gigolo is a man who loves everything about a woman. Of course he is there to care for her body, but just as important he is there with all his attention. A gigolo is educated, knows about the world, is independent, is sexually experienced and understands what a woman needs.

Not just sex, but romance, even if it is for just one night, there is connection, passion, fun, humour, trustworthiness, safety. A gigolo will know how to use his own "tools" and other tools which will help him achieve his utmost goal: to fully satisfy his lady.