Does he like you?

One of the hardest things in life as a woman is knowing if a guy likes you. I will give you secrets and proven advise to find out exactly if this guy likes your or not. Before you leave this site, you will leave knowing with certainty and confident about yourself. after all, knowledge is power. Relationship can be complicated, but this site will help you focus on the important factors of knowing if a guy like you. So if you want to know, follow my steps and my advise as i have pointed out.

wondering what it means when a guy is staring at you with his eyes and you catch him looking at you?

at one point or another you will notice that a guy is staring at you. and when you catch him looking at you, he turns away, right away, pretending he wasn't looking at you, but you know he was looking.

Why he stares at me?

so what does this mean? - well, it obvious that this guy likes you. or it could mean that you a a bugger on your nose... heheh. well, most the most part, if a guys is staring at you its because he likes you, you fool.


How to know for sure

well, how can you know for sure if he likes you if by one stare? there are some guys that stare at you and when you catch him, they smile at you.. oh oby, you gotta watch out for those guys. they are the most dangerous, they'll tare you apart. however, if a guy is shy, he will turn away. there is another situation when a guy looks at you, but he doesn't look away, but instead he keeps looking at you or smiles at you. if you like confident guys, then this means that this guy is a confident and sure of himself type of guy, but if you like shy quiet guys, then you can tell by if they turn away as soon as you catch them.


These are some tips in knowing if he likes you.

1. Does he stare at you?
2. Does he talk to you?
3. Is he a shy guy?
4. Has he been dressing nice ever since you met each other?
5. do you see him checking you out from you back.?
6. does he look away when you catch him staring at you.?

Take The Quiz

Now lets get to the best part of this section. Take this quiz i have prepared for you. Give your answers as honestly as possible. For the test to be accurate, you will have to answer with your heart. when answering these questions, don't think about it, as soon as you read the answer, your heart will answer for you, so listen to your heart when you answer, by providing honest answers, you will find out whether or not, he likes you. Good luck!

I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

What Is Your Favorite Song?
double dutch bus
hey there delilah
love story
the hills
bad blood
la chona
your guardian angel
kryptonite by 3 doors down
all about me
night changes
real life
remember me with love
one and only
stone in love
bring me to life
un vizhigalil
such great heights
i will
black magic
How Do You Think He Would Respond If You Told Him That You Loved Him?
i dont even know you that well
he would be ecstatic!
he would smile and be shocked
not sure
uh, okay he would blush and i suppose he would walk away
he was extremely happy like this 😍😍😍😘😘😘
he would hesitate
confused? hey, i dont even know you look, were not of the same religion
dont know
no response
he will think i am weird
umm i think he would be like " wow i do to !?"
reject me i guess
he loves me too
i love u too
um i didnt have a clue.....
he would tell me to #love# off
What Would Be His Reaction If You Were To Stare At Him?
he would stare at me and then we would start messing around
stare back?
stare back
no idea
he would stare back
he would stare back into my eyes
look at me back
he would look back when he noticed until one of us broke the contact or someone else.
he would just stare....
he will look away
look away
he would continue to stare at me in a lovey way
he would stare hard back at me
probation look up and say something silly
get flustred
he would stare at me and both of us would start smiling
he would either smile or look away
performin or looks at me
he would do the same
What Is Your Relationship Status Right Now?
relationship without commitment
i have my eye on my soulmate
single forever
i think he want to now me
sort of friends
kinda friends
trying to be friend with him
friends ish
broke up with my ex
we just talk, i am not sure if we are friends
good friends
we like eachother
Where Did You First Met Him?
track practice
school classroom
first period
study hall
second grade
brothers football practice
at work
first day of school but there are twins im confused which may like me
How Old Is He?
18 yrs
same as my age 15
23 yr
11 or 12
15 or 16
he is 16 years old . he is really cute <3
Describe His Personality
funny nice
he is nice, funny, gentleman, handsome, smart
nice, funny, hot
musician of the violin
funny, cute, has another crush on a pretty girl
fun, brave, outgoing, caring, flirty
sweet, sometimes shy and sometimes out going
shy, awkward
funny friendly prankste
kind generous and ofring
shy, cute
tall nice
kind, funny, geek
shy and tease
shy and loyal
quiet but funny, popular
If You Talk To Him Ever, What Do You Talk To Him About. (if You Don't Talk To Him, Just Enter 'none' And Please Dont Say Random Stuff. Be Creative)
i talk to him about band, school, life, anything and everything
my dog dateing our futcher
friends and about him
we exchange greeting and talk about random things
good halloween costumes ourselves
we talk about random things
hanging out
we make fun of our friend playfully but he always stutters
we talk about him self and me
none . only once for a science assignment but that pretty much it
he once told me this joke because we talk about just random stuff: if a unicorn has two rainbows and a man steal one but a dog eats the man then how many sodas does the leopard have? it still makes me smile.
i let him talk bout himself
class, my personality, school...
anything and everything
hes talk about his friend being my friend
random stuff , gossip in school
Have You Ever Had A Dream About Him? If So, Tell Me Something About The Dream. If You Havent Dream About Him, Tell Me What Sort Of Dream You Would Like To Dream About Him?
yeas all the tym
yes,he was teasing me. he was wearing wedding ring in the dream
being together
sleeping in his arms
we kissed
yes where we were kissing
yes, we were holding hands as we walk
we kissed when he was almost asleep
yes i have
he would ask me to marry him in his sweet way
yes about us
me aznd him kiss at his house
i had a dream of me and him talking and having a good time together
helping him pick a shirt for work
i once saw him in my dream. he was looking at me in my dream. but i dont remember the dream clearly
i had a dream we were on a date
about him and me and some of this friends hanging out
the dream i woild like to have about him is that he works the nerve to come and talk to me instead of just staring at me in class
yes it was like us holding hand and kissing
yes. it was a love dream and he said he loved me and cared and do anything to protect me and make me happy
i would love to dream of gim hugging me
loving me
i have dreamed about him. i dreamed that he asked me to the dance, kissed me, we were more than friends and that he had #love- with me
he asked me out but then in real life he asked me out
Do You Think That You Would Need To Make Yourself Pretty For Him? And Do Not Answer With What You Think Of Yourself!
umm no he already likes me
i do.
he says im pretty even i send a ugly photo
yes all the time
for a dance
no, i believe he likes me the way i am
for him yes
yes indeed
no think he likes me the way i am
no, he will have to love me as i am
yes. he prefers good looking girls
nope cause he said im already pretty
What Do You LOVE The Most About Yourself?
my eyes
my personally
my personality im smart energetic sweet kind cooldown to earth helpful funny and strict and always happy
im really funny and loud
i always help others..because whenever i help other i feel good to see them happy..and this is what i like about myself.
my personality
personalities, the way i treat people, the strength i have
my eyes
eyes and hair and trustworthiness
my kindness
i like my personality sometimes
my curves
What Do You HATE The Most About Yourself?
my attitude
my mouth
talking alot of pics
low self esteem
my thighs
over weight
my forehead
my body
my looks
i am nervous over nothing
my face
my noise
my voice
my boods
everything else but eyes
loving him
What Do You LOVE The Most About HIM?
totral i love him.
sense of humor
he hugs me ?
his spirit
his humor and personality
his personality
his way of just being himself
his eyes.
he is #nice#
hes funny
his character
the way he smiles at me
when were alone and he acts really nice and sweet
friendly and committed to work
his is shy like me
his humor and build
he is sweet and hot
his smile
his humor
What Do You HATE The Most About HIM?
he hangs out with other girls
him being so quiet
he has a girlfriend......
nothing at all
hΝ™iΝ™sΝ™ wΝ™eΝ™iΝ™rΝ™dΝ™. sΝ™eΝ™lΝ™fΝ™
not considerate
his hair
takes my lunch
#chicken#y ness
his habit of not caring for me
nothing really
staring at me constantly
he smokes
his agressiveness
his nose
boasting about himself
when he doesnt come to school
how lazy he can be sometimes
he messes with me
nothing! that he isnt my boyfriend
his girlfriend