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when you catch a guy staring at you, do you know what i means? i have some secrets you can use to find out if this guy likes you. I will also explain if you caught him looking at you and he looks away. this could happen in class staring at you
wondering what it means when a guy is staring at you with his eyes and you catch him looking at you?

at one point or another you will notice that a guy is staring at you. and when you catch him looking at you, he turns away, right away, pretending he wasn't looking at you, but you know he was looking.

so what does this mean? - well, it abvious that this guy likes you. or it could mean that you a a bugger on your nose... heheh. well, most the most part, if a guys is stering at you its because he likes you, you fool.

well, how can you know for sure if he likes you if by one stare? there are some guys that stare at you and when you catch him, they smile at you.. oh oby, you gotta watch out for those guys. they are the most dangerous, they'll tare you apart. however, if a guy is shy, he will turn away. there is another situation when a guy looks at you, but he doesn't look away, but instead he keeps looking at you or smiles at you. if you like confident guys, then this means that this guy is a confident and sure of himself type of guy, but if you like shy quiet guys, then you can tell by if they turn away as soon as you catch them.


so, now tell me what you expirience has been, i really would like to learn from all you girl, as you enter your reply, you will see that other girls will learn from your expirience, so please reply to my post here. thanks.

Why do you think he stares at you?

So you want to know if a guy like you right?

OK, click on the spinning wheel to try your luck to see if he likes your or not.


i like my sisters fiances bestfriend . no matter what it's always us 4 together . we'll anyways i always catch him at looking at me and even others notice him always looking at me but he never starts a conversation he's the shy type . what's that mean?
me and my ex boyfriend for the start everything was going good for us we were both happy and both shy.till one day i haven't seen him for awhile i was calling his house he was hardly home and when he was home we didn't talk much on the phone, so likely i became lonely and i had met this man came into my life i told him about my boyfriend and he was telling me bad negative advices about him s i believed him because he is a man as well. and my boyfriend found out that i was cheating on him and i had ran into him at a family party that i was invited to he was there and i know he was holding his pain inside till he just stared at me in the house we hardly talk that day. so the next day i seen him told him i broke up with the guy but he became a stocker, i told my boyfriend that i broke up with him but we continued being together a couple days later i seen my boyfriend and we were laying together and out of nowhere he told me he didn't feel like laying by me so i got up and went home, the next day i seen him he said hi to me and i did not speak back so that next day his friend and girlfriend told me that he wanted to break up and he was seing some one eles i didn't want to believe it
the next day i seen him i was dressed up real nice and he just stared right me he also said hi but i didn't so that next day he was dressed up and he sees me and stand beside me and spoke to everyone and he turn he's head at me and said hi and we just stared at each other for a good while and i just walked away and he puts he's head down walking around with hi head down that next day i see him with this women i had my back urn towards them till i turn around he was sitting on the brick wall hugging this women and just staring at me every move and when i was talking he stared at me most of that night. i would like to know what up with this situation.
like i'll catch him staring but it's like day dreaming at me. and we don't really talk but i'll catch him looking then he will hurry and look away or keep staring acting as if he's daydreaming and not make any facial expressions. like what does that mean?
i have a problem. my cousins bf is always checking me out and smiles at me a lot. he also stares at me a lot when my cousin isn't looking or not in the same room. i be polite and smile back but otherwise i ignore him but ignoreing him is starting to fail. i am already in a long distance relationship. some advice would be helpful.
actually... you are wrong! all i think is he likes me at least as a friend.
this popular guy looks at me and smiles then turns away and ive heard that he watches ... what does this mean
hi im jennifer ok well i had an interview with a supervisor so when i started work one day i noticed everytime i go to lunch break and last break he stares at me hard but when i look at him he looks away but also ive noticed when im talkin to someone he really stares at the corner of both eyes enough to tell that he is watchin especially when i talk to a guy he has a serious look on his face when he looks but the thing is he doesn't talk to me but he is a supervisor of course can u help me figure out y he does it?
Hi guy...i am selena gomez and just wanted to give some advince well if u catch a guy staring at you it means that he is probaly in to you .....but is shy to cone up and talk to you well thats all i have to say bye bye!!!!<3:-)
r u really sel? i need 2 know becouse it would be awsome!!
so, this summer i was just recently in this summer camp cause i failed the leap test. they had this dude who every day i would catch looking at me, and come to where i am and continue to look at me. like idk if this guy likes me or wants to be my friend.
well, he is only in my church choir.i dont really know him but most of the time i look at him he is staring at me, and he doesn't look away.i probobly like him about 2% but i need to know the truth and we have never spoken to one another.is it just me or does he need to make the first move. p.s i am a little bit shy! thanks. :d
hello c: so... there's this boy that im really attracted to, let's call him "greg" (not his real name, but ill just stick with this name for now). anyway, when i first started liking greg, he was a freshmen and i was a junior. so, he and i only had first period together, which was marching band. he never really tried with marching or kind of just half-assed it. but anyway, all my friends found out i liked him and stuff, he and i never really talked, and when we did, it was always short conversations. this year, im a senior and he's a sophomore. one of my bestfriends is really good friends with greg and his friends, with that, i also became friends with greg. our conversations were longer, but we still didn't talk all that much. my friend said that he sits with greg at lunch, and my crush on him (greg) would come up and he'd say he doesn't like me in that way. a few weeks later, my crush on him comes up and he doesn't say anything, and my friend says that he thinks he likes me. 
on senior night (last football game of the season), seniors were given real roses to give to someone special to them. i, of course, gave mine to greg. he actually accepted it, and i really wasn't expecting him to. greg and one of my bestfriends (same person who is really good friends with him) play the same instrument, so she witnesses everything he does, lol. anyway, greg was apparently keeping the rose safe. one of his "jackass" friends broke the flower stem off and there was only a small piece of the stem left. my friend told me that he put the flower on the lyre (?) in front of his sax and he said "okay, don't mess with the flower anymore" or something along those lines. and that made me super happy to know he actually cared for the flower cx and i saw the flower in front of his sax so i knew my friend wasn't bsing cx
that following day was the band's last competition. i was with two friends and they just vanished so i stayed with my other friend (bestfriend mentioned). she hangs out with greg and his three other friends. so im with the five of them all day, which honestly rocked. my friend and i get something to drink and go to sit with the guys. it was the last competition and i wasn't expecting to see greg anymore, so i thought "might as well flirt as much as i can". (note that i am a 17 year old who is clueless on how to flirt) so im sitting next to greg, my friend is playing on her ds, greg's friends are throwing sunflower seeds in one another's mouths, lol. so i said "hey im going to use you as a pillow okay? okay" to greg, and i just awkwardly leaned against him, he didn't really move all that much nor made me get off of him. so, that was pretty nice.~ 
i also asked for his number after a football game, and he gave it to me cx 
we were texting one time and it was like, a three hour conversation. but ive asked him if he liked me and he said he liked someone else. a few months later, this conversation happens~ 
so, we're texting and i ask what he's doing, he says "playing bass you?" i ask if he's playing any particular song, and that im doing my math homework lol. so a while later, i ask him if he's having fun playing bass, he says yes and asks if im having fun with my math homework, i say "yeah man, most fun ive had in 17 years xd" now, greg isn't really much for texting with faces, besides ":p". after i say my # silly # joke, he replies with "x) wooow" and i kind of freaked out, and i said "hey, i made you smile cx ... i think .-." and he replies with ";p" and i have no idea what that means, especially coming from him. so i spend an hour asking him if the winky face was intentional and he would either respond with "...", "..", "what" or "tell u wat" if i asked why he wouldn't tell me anything xd so i decide to give up and say "ok well... goodnight d;" he replies with "whaaaat" "answer my question xd" "i thought you were going to bed..." and i literally thought that was the cutest thing cx so he says that he doesn't like anyone, i ask why he sent the winky face then, he says he doesn't like when people are sad, i say "...but i wasn't sad xd" "oh x)" and the next day we had school and i punched his arm d: he looked really pissed but he turned around and saw his was me and did an awkward smile thing cx 
he's also called me cute once d: 

greg is literally a really sweet and nice guy, to me he is anyway, he's all weird with his friends xd 
but i may be completely overthinking this entire situation s: maybe he just does things like that because he's just that nice? maybe he actually does like me? 
i also kind of plan on asking him to prom... >.< i dunno ;-; 
im sorry it's so long, but thank you for reading <3
i think he likes you but not in a romantic way. being that he is a sweet guy, he is just being sweet to you. sounds like a good pal, nothing more. sorry
i've caught him on a few acasions after i said i lost intrest and that he was a jerky poser who had lost one of is bffs for being a conceded jerk posing as a jock
hi, this guy really made my head spin. at first i dont notice him we used to live few bus stops away and we work in the same area, so you guess we have the same timing of riding bus and mrt and we also have to wait for our shuttle bus in the same place.
now heres my dilemma i can feel that he is looking at me but when i checked him out he's busy on his handphone. but everytime he is near i can see him in the corner of my eyes that he is looking at my direction. i think its 2 or 3 times we locked in each others look but he didnt smile. what was in his mind. can you please give your opinion thanks
okay so like thiers this guy and like i started liking him a month ago and my friend told him and he started to like smilie more than he used to at me so like he once passed. me and got so close to me he then bit his lip then after that i started to hangout near him and he literally stands thier staring at me moving around and once he turns his friend stare at me but like he smilies a lot and all this stuff idk what i should do!!
the day after christmas 2013 i was sitting in my car waiting, sorry, for my mom to come
back from the store. she says, when she gets to the car, hey, my name, is that your type
right there? i looked at this guy all in black , black boots and a long blonde pony tail walking
to a gas station. then, i remembered he works for sprint cellular in the plaza. i'm afraid
to go talk to him. he doesn't have an attractive face, and he has balding hair on top of
his head but long and blonde. he's got one#heck#of a body. i could go on and on. help
i 'm a boy and i see some guys looking at me..what does that mean?
when i was a kid in school. when guys looked at me it was because they wanted to fight me. there was this one time when i gossip about this guy and he found out that it was me, then he always would stare at me. but it was to beat me up.

maybe he wants to beat you up too.
well that wouldn't make sense. i never antagonize anyone and pretty much keep to myself. and they don't have that mean look to them...so idk
then its obvious that this guy likes guys instead of girls?? maybe he is gay. is that what you want me to say?
i have this really good looking boy, who i always see at my gym. its been happening for a while now. but it all started off when i looked at him when he was lifting weights just day dreaming. then after that i catch him looking at me. i dont know him and its like hes to hot to be true. im not exactly a pretty girl but im not bad looking. i just dont know how to get him to come over to me or start a chat, cause that will make my day!
theres one guy who makes deposit in our bank branch,,that everytime i try to look at him,i also catch him looking at me but he turns away his head,,but ther's one day, when i look at him he also look at me,,i think it takes 20 secs we look each other,,but after that im bit conscious so after days when he alwys on my branch i know from side of my eyes when he is there he is looking at me,,but i dont look at him,,coz that time i know i have already crush on him hes is quiet type guy and so shy,,after a month i already transferto the other branch,so im sad hoping someday i will see him,,lol
we have a lot of things in common. i know i hurt him by not waiting for him although he's doing everything just to keep in touch with me. and there's this incident he called and i have this itchy hand guy friend who answered the phone before he hand it over to me. he asked who was that and i said a friend. from then on he did not call anymore. he thought i did not wait for him. i wanted to send him e-mail but then i am hesitant and i said why do i have to explain about that incident. i just thought if we are meant to be there will be way to cross our path.
i really like this kid and he stares at me all the time but he is to good for me ):
i catch a guy and his friefriends stastaring at me why?
I like him because he's cute and he always hug me and touches my butt and always stare at me
a guy i don't really know on my bus i sit in the seat in front of him, i catch him looking at me we haven't really had a conversation but he rubs his foot on my leg and pokes me with his feet my friend asked him out for me and he said no
here's this guy in my class who always looks at me and he looks away every single time i look back. sometimes i notice in the corner of my eye but i don't look back to alert him.(i'm so nice^_^) butility it's getting annoying not knowing why he keeps staring:(
aww i know he likes me i just know, although im shy and hes shy otteokajyo?
theres this new boy who been there for month but he keeps staring at me sometimes he will keep staring but most times he will just turn away.
why would guy look at me every time i stop stare me but his married but he was talking to another guys they stop and stare when i turn around im do have feelings for guy it hurts cuz he married he friends stare at me what he said to them for them smile and stare cuz he has followed me in his car and stope and stated and smile men dont do that if married
i don't know what i got it never showed me (the wheel)
yeah, i really like this guy, and the guy already know that i had feelings for him then whenever i stand i caught him staring at me and if i caught him staring at me he look away and pretending that he's not looking at me.
well, this guy i used to date is in all my core classes and sits ina seat really close to me, and whenever i look at him he's staring at me and sometimes he smiles and sometimes he instantly looks away. people say he doesn't have a crush on me but i know he does. and i have a major crush on him still!!!! what do you think i should do!? wait for him to make a move, or should i make a move now before i lose him!?
well i've known this guy for years we were high school bestfriends then i moved away i just can back i ened up where he works well he walks around the nurse's station and jist stares into my eyes not saying anything you think he would say hi but he just stood still not moving or anything i did the same we just stared at eachother spechless you think he likes me?
i think he likes you, but there is something stopping him from approaching you. possible reason:

1. he is already married or has a gf
2. he is intimidated by you
3. its at work, so he doesn't want to do anything to raise suspicions he likes someone at work
well. both of us are really awkward with each other during our language lesson.. and we rarely talk. sometimes i found it too awkward that i can concentrate. im not sure whether he got any feelings for me.. but im sure i have some feelings for him.. what should i do.. sigh
when a guy looks at you
well ok, so me and this guy know that we like each other. it's been 4 months since we started liking each other. we don't really talk that much but we talk though the eyes and only we know it. during the first week of liking him we had a moment, the mile long stare. about 2 months later i happened to look up while presenting a project and he was smiling and looking at me like i was all he was looking for. we've had plenty of moments since then and we look at each other like we like each other and it's nice to communicate with the eyes when we can't or don't want to say anything.

i was in p.e doing excise then the boy makes a joke and i laugh at it this other boy stares at me next we were running i past him and he stares at me again what does it mean
When ever I see him ok for example last weekend I want to music in the parks and we had to stay in our auditorium till the busses came and he stared at me then looked away but when my best friend asked him he was like no and she said he got really peed off then other times he kind of blushes does that mean that he like me or he wants to be friends but then he asked out this other girl and she said no and she still stares and try's to stand next to me all the time well most of the time
I have had a crush on this guy ever since the 6th grade and every day he would always stare at me in the hallways and at P.E. or break. When my friends ask him if he likes me he says "No". Does he like me back????
Does he like me i really want to know cause he looks at me alot
So there's this guy that I have a crush on and I have two classes with him and he tends to stare a lot. I could turn around and he's looking or passing papers back. I would catch him looking at me through the corner of his eyes and he would turn his head a different direction. Even when I'm passing him in the hallway, he'll stare as I'm passing him. I'm kind of freaked out about it, but then again, its kind if cute. LOL. Idk. Maybe he just stares :(
ya the same problem with me he looks and never stops but when he stares i look at him and look at him and look away this has been going on for 2 years and i dont like him what do i do and he started when i when to soccer camp with him
All the girls are obsessed with this guy at my school... Including my WORST ENEMY. And since 2 weeks ago when he sits at his 'All High and Mighty Table' he will turn his chair slightly my way and stare at me. He doesn't care if I see him. He will just stare into my eyes and I will eventually blush and look away. The others day I caught him staring at my from just 6 feet away and he just sat there staring. It was a lil'l creepy. I don't know much about him but if he is staring at me he must think I look good I guess since I don't even wear makeup. Thing is I'm a nerd. And I ave secrets I want to kept secret. If these people that have jealousy in their hearts found out he liked me and I liked him they would make my life a living hell. Not saying that I like him or anything... Right now he's just some rich kid to me.
Um so this guy I liked him then asked him out, but he rejected me last year. Then later on my ex boyfriend n his friend stares at me since April 8 it was recent so yea
P.s srry if yu don't understand
there's this guy in our choir group, he's really good looking and i have a crush on him. during practice when i turn to look at him he use to be looking at me, WE make A LOT of eye contact and some times he looks at me and talks to his friend and even his friends look towards me which is really weird and i cant figure out if he likes me or not.....
I have this guy friend and we have been best friends for little over a year we meet because of his now recent girlfriend I really like this boy. But I am not sure if he likes me back. Over christimas break he gave me a kiss on my cheek and he gets mad when I talk to other guys but I dont know if hes into me or not by the way his girlfriend hates me now and I have done nothing wrong If you could help me I would love that!
had row with this guy 2yrs ago had to go to him on business in oct last he was ok to me he was next to me in the shop to day and he started whistling near me he was looking down at me in the shop and he came to my aisle near me.
There is this guy im in love with and have been for 6 months. His name is Roy, but he is a few years older than me, he is a hick and is very shy and quiet. My enemy Hannah liked him at the begging of the year -as did i- & as I made sure of it she said she had a note to give him. I made sure he got a note saying how much I liked him before she even had the chance. He then did nothing, then he decided to go out with Hannah's bff celest. Celeste and him went out for about 4 mo. Then she broke up with him. Then he decided to go out with my friend rikki, she then dated him for a day and broke his heart. She came up to me at lunch and asked if I still liked him, I said why and she said because he always talks about you. I was all ommg!!! So Roy is a fireman and I go to bingo to see him on Fridays and as soon as he sees me, his face turns RED, then he always manages to stare at me under his hat. But in the process of me liking Roy there is cooper who I have become really close and I know he likes me. So what should I do? Stay with cooper or take a chance with Roy? What does toys actions mean anyway? Thanks.
There is this kid at school he's about 3/4 years older than me. He liked to always tease me, and stare at me. I'd look over to him staring at me and he looks away. What should I do? I'm deffiently too shy to ask him out.
Sarah- i think your right! this boy keeps staring at me. at first i didn't know if he liked me ,but then i find out from you guys!!! he likes me,he a really loving kind of outgoing relaxed confident boy!!!!!!!1 i like him to!!!
i am a shy girl and i really do like him but the thing is that i dont what should i do to ask him out cause i cant i am very very shy.
I like this guy because he's really sweet,funny,caring,nice,awesome, very smart,and cute! He's a gentlement! He's good looking and he has a perfect personality! I'm a freshmen but he's a senior -.- I know I know! He's to old but we're good friend! Only 2 months of school left and when graduation come. That's when I'm going to tell him how I feel about him! I caught have staring at me all the time and then he would look away! But sometime he would come up to me in the hall way and then he would be talking to me! My friend said he would not stop staring into my eyes and smile! I wanted to do the same but i get so nervous around him! My friend even said everytime he see me in the hall way, he can't get his eyes off of me! He would be so distracted by me that he would run into something! Lmao! But he could just be surprise that's all! Also he could only like me as friend! :/ I'm not sure! But I really like this guy, in facts. I think I'm in love with him....... I have this feeling when I'm around him that's totally different when i'm around other guys! It's hard to describe but it feel like love! <3

I can only say my last name sorry!
I like this guy in school im 16 and so is he hes 9th im in 10th...the thing is he is really shy but he stares at me alot! And DOESNT look away when i catch him ...help me im so confused
he is sooo hot and cute.
I knew a guy senior than me we're not in good conditions since grade school so it's been 7 years of our misunderstanding. He's a little bit "bipolar" I dunno if he's angry with me or just... But I do have a feeling for him he know this way back we're still gradeschool. Last Feb 27, 2013 me and my friend were buying our snacks at the canteen un/fortunately he's in front of me in the line I was talking to my friend but I can feel somehow he's staring at me (I'm not OA or feeling but I can feel if someone stares at me)... Please reply
I have caught my co-worker staring at me quite a few times..and hes really been helpful towards me too..its a possibility that he may like me...I have a crush on him as well...>///<
im not sure if this guy likes me he is very shy and not social with girls or it seems. Hes always with his friends. During lunch he stares at me and pases by me to see my reaction on stares at me for a period of time until i look up a couple of times then he looks away. Or stands up to see what his friends are dong or what they need "help" with but ends up looking my way anyways. Hes 2 years older than me so i feel like sometimes he views me as a child and not an equal.Hes been acting this way since day 1 and he knows i like him. Everyone says that he probably likes me but i dont know because his signs are so hard to understand.
Ok. I KNOW he likes me cuz he always calls and texts me after school . He would always lay his hand on mine during class .Also he will call me babe . And everyone thinks we are dateing . He always Nice to me.
the guy i like is 2 years older than me. when i first met him i was getting out of the car and he was being polite by holding the door open and then ever since then i see him EVERYWHERE and when i see him in the halls sometimes he stares other times when we walk by we stare at each other and then i look away. other times when me and my best friend stay after and hes is there she always says he stares. this one time me and my best friend walked by him and went down the stairs and he watched me as we went down the stairs and when i turned around he was still starring then another time while we were after me and my friend were sittin against the wall and and he walked by glanced and looked back at his friend and they went and sat at the top of the stairs and i looked up a couple times and he was starring derectly at me. and then would turn away to talk to ppl then look back again... we have talked a couple times and when we first talked he asked our friend if he was talking about me and he pointed at me and starred and we made eye contact for whats seemes like forever and then he put his hand down and we were still starring at each other... i dont know what to think. does he like me?
My guy has been a bit confusing. He will openly flirt with me not in a #loveual way. So I'm not sure if it's just friendly flirting or maybe he doesn't realize his behavior is flirty? A few times I caught him looking at me, he gave me a big smile. There are times I've caught him looking at me when he didn't realize I could see him. Then there are times I've caught him looking and he's looked away quickly. We've talked a few times but only for work related things. Still I couldn't understand why he would look away. One day I decided to just go up and talk to him. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He was very fidgety and talked very loud. It made me so nervous and afterwards I got to thinking I wouldn't talk to him again, that maybe I had annoyed him. I did give it one more shot which was a good thing because he was a lot calmer and had a lot more to say. He has not asked me out but I get the feeling he's somewhat interested. When I've tried to keep conversations short, he seems to find some question to ask. Yes, I have a big time crush on him so try not to read too much into things figuring it might be wishful thinking on my part.
My situation is much different. The guy is very shy towards me more than anyone. He used to look away, but now he will keep staring for a long while. Until I look away, we have made lots of eye contact that's for sure! For all you girls try talking to the guy, usually guys are even more afraid to talk to you, then you are of them. Take a chance. I'm shy, I did and it has helped. So please if you get his phone # call him. If you can, talk to him. And try as much as possible to avoid typing, messaging and texting. The best way though is to talk in person. And most importantly be yourself ladies. Your all so unique, different in your own way and it makes you BEAUTIFUL. I hope this Helped some.
The boy I like is super shy! I was at the gym tonight and it was the first time I had seen him there. I was stretching and my friend told me he was staring at me. He has done this before and when I have looked back he turns away. However tonight he just kept on looking. What does that mean? Does he like me?
that means that he does like u
well this doesn't really help anymore because the guy i liked and still like committed suicide&i love him to death. but he was in my 1st,2nd,&3rd hour and always stared at me. he is a really shy guy exccept for his friends. we were in choir together&he called me his choir buddie. we never talked,but i could always see him staring at me. i would just like to know if you thought he liked me..
In My High School There Is One Sir Who Always Stares At Me So Do He Loves me ............... he always stares at me and when i look at him then also he stares at me............. plz plz plz reply
Because we like the same things . We like to play around and joke . And Im Always Smiling Hard When Were Together In Class So Do He . He's Always looking At Me Dead In The Eye . And Doesn't Look Away & So Do I Until I Pass His Gaze .
I like this guy so much & he is kind of sarcastic with evryone and sometimes a jerk, but with me he is different, he is like more respectful and we laugh together. Usuaylly he is the one who comes up to talk to me, and lately i've catch him staring at me but as soon as i look at him he turna away.... however, he doesn't make a move, and when i try to chat with him he acts very blunt and takes forever to answer, and no, he is not shy, so im desperate to know what he feels, cause sometimes he acts like if he likes me and other times ita so weird, HELP!
in my comment where i say '2 months i ago' i mean 2 months before
hi!!!i like a boy from last year i stared at him and him also.this year he was acting a little weird on the stairs.for example:he was going slow and was seing behind {when i was behind him}.2 months ago we went to aschool trip and 1 night we were going to aclub.Our teachers said us to wait them in a square.Me and my best friend were sat on a abench when we arrive at the square.Then he came and said hi to my best friend it was:'hi em lucy'.{he goes with her in some classes but they don't talk]Then he came to me and said his name directly without saying hi.after saying my name he gave me his hand{for handshake}.I said him that i was glad to meet him...but i wasn't look at him cuz i'm 2 shy and then he left.Also 1 time he was at the next table at a restaurant and he came and said 'what are u eating girls?'[to me and my best friend] but he wasn't look at me {That was before the club night}.When we came back from the trip he say 'bye' to my friend and then 'by serina isn't it'{he act like he forget my name}i said 'yes bye'.from then he hasn't spoke to me again...what does it mean??please help me!!
he is kinda like u too - did he talk wid u? or just keep looking?
the dude i like is 1 year older than me. he always looks at me when where nere each othere.he sometimes smiles.one day i was in math and seen him looking at me when he was at the door.dose he like me?
Well i think that you should try asking him why he was staring at you or try talking to him and have some confidence in yourself. :)
i kinda like this guy couse he is hot,clever,cute and rich.He is always staring at me and when i'm catch him looking at me,he turns away,right away,pretending he wasn't looking at me then what should i do? all my friends said 'i think he like u' then i said to them 'nah..he will never love me and i dont believe u guys that he like me -_-'then my friend said 'fine,if u dont believe its ok someday he will get closer to u' and thats it
i think he likes you,but he's shy because he's looking away!if u can plz answer mine...(serina)
I like this guy and i catch him staring at me a lot. But he doesn't even know who i am. He caught me once staring at him. One day i was just walking and looking for someone and our eyes met. What could that mean? I caught him many times staring at me when I'm with my friends but then he turns around immediately to chat with his friends. I've never even spoke to him, not even once. There was a time when i was passing by with my friend and i was taking to her but when i passed in front of him, turned to look at me like he was expecting for me to say something to him. I don't know what i should do.
I love this guy because he is sweet, kind, and is willing to help me with any problem I have. He has a very cute smile, he have the cutest brown eyes I have ever seen and he have the pink lips :$ that I think is adorable. He is very smart and I have a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE crush on him I can't stop thinking about him and no matter how hard I try to forget him I just can't get him out my head him.
I really like this guy he sometimes stares at me now i know the answer thanks and i dont have boogers in my nose! lol
This kid tryinna holla at me-__- He looks kinda like Niall from one direction. He keeps on constantly staring at me. Then when I look he looks away. It's creepy cuhs he thinks that I don't know he's staring at me when I really do. But I really like this other guy. I've liked this other guy for 4 months. He's a cutie<3
thats nat a good piture i think that looks tarty sorry im 15
okay so I really like this guy, but he's really hot! and I'm not that pretty so I know he's out of my league, however I keep sort of turning round, and catching that he's staring directly at me.. we have a lot of classes together, and I text him quite a bit actually:L and he does like to flirt with me, and play and laugh around with me. He's a rugby player and I always find hes quietly quite confident about his muscles, even though his personality is actually extremely shy! I really like him, we're 15 soon, so do I wait until he makes the first move or do I have to say first that I like him.... Help! Ps; I asked him who he fancied and he said he really liked someone, but he's not telling me cus I don't know her apparently, what does that mean?!
You said When you TURN around! Ovbiously your suppose to look at the back of a person! He doesnt like you! Your just getting paranoid! Stop fanizing over a guy you'll never loveing get!
well i think this website was ok cuz there is this boy that stare at me but then when you said try the spinning wheel to see if he doo it said yes he do but how will a spinning wheel know if somebody like you or not just wondering
So there's this guy that I kind of like. We share 2 classes together & we also have the same lunch. Whenever I glance his way, I always feel him staring at me & it's really obvious. When I can feel him staring at me, I never make eye contact because it's just awkward. I haven't talked to him at all but he just always stares at me! Sometimes his friends will start talking to me & then he will join them but won't say a word to me, just stare at me. I'm pretty sure he likes me because he's been doing this for a while!
In school there's this guy I really like and I always catch him staring at me. Most of the time he turns away when I look at him but sometimes he just continues to stare. He's older than me too.
I work in the mall at a resturant and there's this guy I really never noticed before until I started paying attention one morning he approached me, I sat him down at the table. And thought he's cute lol than after a few days later I noticed he works right beside the resturant I work at. Now everytime I go to work I see him well all he does is stare at me an smile. It's very awkward now because when I pass his work I try not to notice him however I feel him watching me and when I sneak a look back he is :) this has been happening for awhile now. And when I'm shopping in the mall before I go to work he follows me idk he seems shy however he hasn't approached me yet to formally introduce himself :/ but the fact of the matter is I sort of like the feeling I get when he states at me it's feels like a bunch of butterflies floating around in my stomach :D all in all he's just my work crush!
I am just wondering why do people need to do this thing? To know other people? For friendship? For a date? Or they just want to? It is better for us to have communication to other to mold the friendship. Having casual dates and sometimes, a woman seeking man, vice versa. I I hope it'll help you guys. It was a suggestion and nothing more than that. Thank you. And have a nice day ahead. :)
Hello, my name is stephanie. I been with an egyptian man for three years. I'm 18 and he's 20. We went out for three years but we were mostly on and off. He loved me alot and showed me it, he cried a few times for me, and was in pain. I on the other hand had no sympathy, didnt care or lets just say i didnt show love to him even thoough i did he gave me many chances, but then there came a time when he left me and we havent been talking for like 2 months now. I said sorry for a few times, i even tried committing suicide in front of him to take me back. But, all i wanted was him to come back. But, he didn't he was like it's an unhealthy relationship, and it's best for us to leave one another. Two month passed and i send a messege saying it's better if ou dont or i see you walking around my area and then he actually replied. we went like this back and forth getting at each other with Thanks at the end of each messege. But then the last messege i sent and he never replied. Now he sees me walk in my area when he walks in my area and he just stares and looks away. What does that mean? do i have a chance? should i try to get him back after i apologized many times...??what can i do now, because i really know im mistaken even though i know he said it's too late to come back. I sounded very dramatic though at the end. Is there a chance? and one more thing i wonder why didnt he block me on facebook... he just deleted me.??Thakss so muchh if you can helpp! God bless.
will cause he past by me smiled and then he kept staring at me i think hes cute the bad part my freind likes him
my best friend's cousin is sooo cute, when i arrived at her party, as soon as i stepped into the hallway, he started staring at me, i looked at him, he looked away immidiately, again, later on, all my bestie's cousins and i were playing truth or dare, he was staring at me for ages, when i looked at him, he turned away, when it landed on him, he said truth, my bestie asked him, what do you look for when you look at a girl, he said that he gets attracted to girls by their eyes. when he finished speaking, he looked into my eyes again, i felt really awkward but i looked at him, he kept staring and he didnt look away, what should i do?
theres this guy that goes to my school and i always catch him staring at me. whenever i flirt with other guys he looks at me and doesnt look away when i glance at him, its like hes jealous but i havnt talked to him once this year and whenever the hallway is empty and hes walking infrot of me he will turn around and look at me
so, theres this guy.. like he ALWAYS stares at me! he is soo cute! and everytime we pass in the halls he stares at me from the corner of his eye. sometimes hes with his friends and he would turn around and look at me. sometimes when he knows im near he would stretch his neck and stares at me. we make eye contact EVERYTIME we see each other. like sometimes we dnt look away! and i cant help but to smile to my self. we make eye contacts for 6 or more seconds, and i always feel butterflys. umm.. when im walking pass him he stares at me, and once he was infront of me and my friend was infront of him so i passed him and hugged my friend, he passed us and turned back to look at me, with a blank expression.. and once he was passing and he *pretended* to scratch his side of his face because he had a small pimple, just when he saw me, i thought it was cute! hah anaywas, what could that mean? sorry kinda long
I lyk him cuz he has dimples when he smiles and he stares at me even if I luk except his face is normal and he is biting his nails.....can u tell me wat that mean
I'm still confuse of my crush... I've admitted to him that I liked him and he have reject it. but he still stares at me sometimes.
i keep catching this guy i like looking deep into my eyes when we are right next to each other. He dosent turn away when i look back at him he just keeps steering at me then smiles and starts a conversation. im a bit confused. im not sure if he likes me or likes my eyes? ;? x
i recently got dumped by a guy and i really like him still. he lives a couple of house next to me and every day me and my friend catch him staring at me as he drives by and when i notice it and look at him he doesnt look away ut then he tells everyone he doesnt like me....why i am so confused if it helps he has liked me for 5 years and i just never did anything till now.
Well, there's this guy that I really like and I never really talk to him but I always catch him staring at me and its a blank stare. There are rare occasions were its a smirk but that's really it what does this mean?
my ex sits infront of me in class... and ever class I catch him staring at me at least once normally more. Well He doesn't smile, say anything, nor look away when i catch him staring... what does this mean???
I really like this guy and i have all since new years but im not really sure if he likes me back...we hangout all the time i constantly catch him staring at me or flirting but yet when his friends are around i don't seem to exist the same as when its just me and him he stares at me more when there around and im not quite sure if he likes me...
I really like this guy I ran into constantly and I think he might be interested too but everytime I catch him staring he turns away. I even thought it was funny because once that I really caught him looking he suddenly got nervous and looked up at the sky. What's up in the sky? lol.. it was cute but he is so serious it makes it a bit intimidating to go up to him and say hi. Does he like me or am I just wanting for him to like me?
There's a guy I like. I'm not going to say actual names but lets go with 'Kyle'. I see him all the time in the halls and he's not in any of my classes, but I know he's in my grade because he graduated grade 8 with my friend 'Natalie'. Natalie said he's an all around great guy (mind you that I have never talked to him before). She also said he dated one of her friend Bryanne. She said he never pressured her into having love, so that's good. I also heard he can hurt me emotionally if he really wants to, like all guys can. He always stares at me and when I walk by I turn to talk to Natalie and I look at him behind me at the corner of my eye, I see him watching me walk by. I think he's trying to play mind games with me because yesterday I was walking by him and he was just about to walk into Art and he looks at me, then looks at some chick (I didn't see who) and he raised his eyebrows twice to the other girl. I walked away with anger (obviously). Also a couple weeks before that he was walking with his ex (Bryanne) and looked at me and did the "I'm a ladies man" look. I think he's trying to get me jealous. When he looks at me and I look at him he doesn't look away. He keeps looking. I contemplate whether or not I should talk to him, but again, I have never talked to him before and I`m not sure he knows my name because I`m new to the school. I don`t want to go up and say "Hey!" and he says hi back and then what? My biggest problem is what do I say after that? I've been told small talk is boring to guys so I have no clue what to talk about. I know he plays hockey and that he's the goalie, and he's really aggressive when he plays, which I like strong, confident, funny, good-looking guys so he's PERFECT in my eyes. I just can't decide what to talk about. I have the confidence level to actually do it. But I have a feeling it's going to be and awkward silence.
omg he looks at me but i dont now how i sould look at him back do not tell me to smile because its weird for me
this guy i like stares at me the whole time i mean every time he sees me if he has a chance to say hi he does and ask me how i am. this one time he came and watched me play basketball when i was alone even though i didnt tell him i was playing it today he was far away but saw me while he was in the car and looked at me until he left what should i do . i want him to ask me out i wont do that but the problem is because his friends cant know about that maybe hes afraid of asking me. hes confident not shy though. can u please tell me what i should do , does he do these things as a friend or more than that
i really like this boy he comes to my youth club everyday and everytime i see him i go all shy and get really happy he said hello tiwce to me yesterday and smiled what does this mean !! someone help mee
i like this dude and im in 7th grade andnhe called my name and stared stairght into my eyes. i feltlike sparks were jumping out of me and i prolly blushed like i do anytime he is around so its pretty bad
Well this boy that ive liked for likw 2 years is my age and we've always ended up in the same class from 7th to 8th grade and today well everyday he looks at me.... sometimes he looks away but other times he just stares and i cant help it but i blush....ok also hes really sweet to me and protective of me...i need help!! i really like him!! fingers crossed :x
ihave a few boys that keep staring at me one i dont like at all he is horrible. the second one is the fittest lad in our class and all the girls drool over him apart from me and another is my best mate and the other one is a perfect gentleman called Daniel Given and i love him so much :D xxx
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