Does he like you?

One of the hardest things in life as a woman is knowing if a guy likes you. I will give you secrets and proven advise to find out exactly if this guy likes your or not. Before you leave this site, you will leave knowing with certainty and confident about yourself. after all, knowledge is power. Relationship can be complicated, but this site will help you focus on the important factors of knowing if a guy like you. So if you want to know, follow my steps and my advise as i have pointed out.

wondering what it means when a guy is staring at you with his eyes and you catch him looking at you?

at one point or another you will notice that a guy is staring at you. and when you catch him looking at you, he turns away, right away, pretending he wasn't looking at you, but you know he was looking.

Why he stares at me?

so what does this mean? - well, it obvious that this guy likes you. or it could mean that you a a bugger on your nose... heheh. well, most the most part, if a guys is staring at you its because he likes you, you fool.


How to know for sure

well, how can you know for sure if he likes you if by one stare? there are some guys that stare at you and when you catch him, they smile at you.. oh oby, you gotta watch out for those guys. they are the most dangerous, they'll tare you apart. however, if a guy is shy, he will turn away. there is another situation when a guy looks at you, but he doesn't look away, but instead he keeps looking at you or smiles at you. if you like confident guys, then this means that this guy is a confident and sure of himself type of guy, but if you like shy quiet guys, then you can tell by if they turn away as soon as you catch them.


These are some tips in knowing if he likes you.

1. Does he stare at you?
2. Does he talk to you?
3. Is he a shy guy?
4. Has he been dressing nice ever since you met each other?
5. do you see him checking you out from you back.?
6. does he look away when you catch him staring at you.?

Take The Quiz

Now lets get to the best part of this section. Take this quiz i have prepared for you. Give your answers as honestly as possible. For the test to be accurate, you will have to answer with your heart. when answering these questions, don't think about it, as soon as you read the answer, your heart will answer for you, so listen to your heart when you answer, by providing honest answers, you will find out whether or not, he likes you. Good luck!

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