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these are some ways you can find out whether a shy guy that you like likes you also the same way you like him. shy guys are very hard to figure out, these are some tips to know if a shy guy likes you too. you can also take a quiz too.
how do you know when a shy guy likes you?

i have ways of knowing if a really shy guy likes you, but i am not going to tell you because if you are a boy, then you will know my secrets.

but i will give you a little hint ok.

if there's a boy who you think he likes you but he is very shy, so how can you tell for sure if her really likes you or if its just your immagination...

for the most part, shy boys are very quiet and like to be alone. these boys are called "loners" at school. but that doesn't mean that he's not interesting. infact, if you like misterious guys, this is the type of guy you want to get to know because they have so much to tell.

ONE BIG TIP to know if a shy man likes you, is sometimes when shy guys like you, they stare at you. the look at you and as soon as you look at them, they turn away..

so here's where my big secret come in, but that's all a im going to tell you..

if you want to learn more, you're going to have to tell me your story and maybe i'll post my secrets here.
So you want to know if a guy like you right?

OK, click on the spinning wheel to try your luck to see if he likes your or not.


Well, I dont even know if I like this guy or not. I think it is just my imagination that he likes me. (I am just interested in him). --So, the weird thing is that, I daydream alot in classes, and so when I turn to his direction, he looks at me. Everytime I look at the clock, he looks at me. I was just thinking that he thinks that I like him because I keep looking in to his direction. I've been trying to ignore him, and see if he actually likes me, but I really couldnt, there is just this one awkwardness staring across the room type of thing.
So I really like this guy that gose to my school we both are juniors in high school hes popular and shy when it comes to girls and I'm the kinda girl who's friends with everyone me and him have been talking for like a month but we only talk football cuz he's in football I'm always saying good luck good job and we talk about the game of course not face to face we are both shy we talk on Facebook and ever since we have been talking he's been looking at me and this week me and my friends where leaving school he was with his we walked by he kinda leand back like a little push you know and yesterday I left reading class to help my friend on crutches and carry her stuff for her after I helped her I went to my locker to grab my stuff and the bell rings and when he walks by he sorta brushes up against me when the hall was empty and he had room to go around me and today my friends and I were leaving school and one friend was in front the others were behind me cuz it's so crowded at the end of the day and he was by his friends and my friend told me when I walked by he sorta pushed her she looked at him and he was stairing at me!! I don't tho he supper nice but I just don't want be exaggerating but all this did happen and he's not like supper shy just in front of some girls and he has amazing sea blue eyes oh my goodness they are so dang cute and I know cuz I catch him looking at me sometimes and I look away cuz I don't know I'm dumb so I don't no if he is looking away to and I have liked him ever since 8th grade please help me I want a chance with this amazing guy:)!!!!????
so, theres this guy, he's about two years older than me. I'm interested in him, and sometimes I think he might like me back.I make him laugh a lot, in a good way I think, and sometime I think I see him looking at me. He's not exactly shy, He's just kinda quite. My best friend also likes him a bit, but we're not rivals or anything, but she can't really seem to make him laugh or have a conversation with him, where I've talked to him kinda a lot. He's also my ex's best friend, and my ex kinda dislikes me, but even then he talks to me. In science class it also seems like he tries to sit next to me a lo, and he helps me with tests when the teacher isn't looking, and he's really nice. But I can't figure out if he just wants to be friends, or more. please help! thanks.
omg it was right my shy guy is a nerd!!freaky!
So I am in college and I met this guy who lives down the hall from me and we started becoming really close friends our first year. At first we would hangout with other people, but then it got to be that we started hanging out more alone. We wouldn't do anything we don't even touch, but we would talk about our families and we have a lot in common. I started to really fall for him. He would tell me things he wouldn't tell other people and I felt special. He would go to lunch with me everyday and the gym and we were inseperable. I was willing to do anyting for him. If he was sick I would come running, I would even sometimes buy him things. Things got even more annoying because I felt like I was in an emotional relationship, but he would be so hot and cold with me. One day he would act all cool with me and we would spend the day together but other days he would be all moody and homesick and I couldn't stand to be around him. He would ditch me for other people to hangout with and it was as if I was his last resort. He was such a nice guy and I liked him so much that I would ignore it. I was so sure he liked me back but my roommate said he didn't cause she could see how much he was hurting me. I would cry over him and get mad at him because he would lead me on and then drop me. The next semester we had many classes which meant more time together, and the moodieness continued with him. It gets to the point where he will txt me "Oh get ready in something nice and meet me downstairs in ten we are gonna go out" I get all excited and then he sends me another message minutes later saying "Oh I'm bringing some of my friends so your roommate can come too" It totally breaks me down, but for some reason I love him so so much. I feel like we are perfect for each other and I just don't understand him. He finally came out and said that he didn't like me and I told him that I did. We agreed that we would stay friends but I still love him. I actually feel so strongly about him that all summer long I was so heartbroken my heart actually aches for him. Now that we are in our second year, me and him are still good friends but things have gone back to the same old things he is hot and cold with me and I get hurt. I have gotten better with not letting myself get too attached though. Some of my family members think that he likes me but just doesn't want to be with me. Especially because my roommate asked him about what he thought of me and he said, "well I thought about it but I don't want to go there with her" I don't even know how to take that. I am so confused and I long to be with him, he is leaving for the next 6 months and I am gonna be so sad without him. What do you think???
ok well im in 9 grade and i really like this guy he is really shy like he just talk to his friends and that it... you know waht i mean so yeah...if you can please tell me your secret because right know im in a depresion just because i dont know if he like me or not i dont want to go to school i dont wanna do anything just because of him please... im so serious about this
thanks Rebekah
well iAM a FRESHMAN.. MY Class isz full black people, me ; somee other dude ; and my crush..are the only hispanincs their.. iAlready know' the other dude. soo iWuasz tryinq to know' my crush but his shy. he seats right behind me, and the only time he talkedd to me ; wuas for how to do some assignment; iOnlyy have for one class. but then theyy changed my eschedule.. so now iSee Him IN the hallways. we have eye contact but he looksz down everytime iLook At him. like one time we were the only 2 in the hallway we seen eachother but iLooked away. iam like real confusedd.
i like this bold girl i am a shy guy i keep starring at her she starr's back this continued a friend of mine told her about me in his prespective she told him that she likes me and not to tell me eventually he told me so now when i look she smiles at me with little shiness the best part about it is many bold guys tried and failed to impress her but failed so...........ah the only thing that we need to do is talk but even though she is bold and confident she goes all shy around me so please advice me on what to do next we both are in real love pls help.......[nev mind the spelling]
I like him because he is different then other man. see we're different race. what make myself to fall in love on him because everyday he looks different interm of appearance and behaviour.Day by day he impressed me and my energy keep increase when see him...but i'm shy to ask him out at the same time. Every day i will stare at him from my sitting place to his and once he catch me i will turns away.Everyday he looks so handsome and i'm crazy about him.It was qiute long time i have this feeling. I really love him fr top to toe. Until one day...he looks at me and turns away once i catched him....what does it means....he was looking at me when the time i smile during chat wit someone in the office. Every single sec. i'm thinking of him. He means alot to me...frankly speak,i wanna live my life with him...he never smile at me, he ignores me...but if i call to give anything he will come and take...he also such a nice person...i really cannot find such a wonderful person in my life....finally i would like to say " I love you Honey", i Can't live without u....if no u no one else in my life....i swear.......I really don't care whether he rich or not...but he's very sincere person in all the things he do. I really don't know what's in his mind....pls help me....
I go to Saturday school every Saturday. I always hung out with my best friend like it was only 2 of us. Then, this guy came along and my best friend paired up with him. She never hung out with me anymore and it is always the two of them. I think she likes him, but I’m not for sure. It wasn’t really love at first sight for me. I like him since like a few weeks ago. Sometimes I would glance/stare at him and sometimes he would do the same. He would talk to me sometimes. He’s not shy at all and I don’t know if he likes me..
This one guy at work has looked at me at least 12 times, only to look away quickly. Could he be looking at me because I look weird to him. He is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever laid eyes on, the only thing is he is twice my age.
I have a crush on a super I mean extremely shy boy! I mean he's not just shy he's pretty popular with girls cuz' he's got the looks. By super shy I mean the first Time I talked to him..he just looked at me and stared at the ground. He seems shy around me but to other people like his friends or my friends he's not. Talking with him is super awkward cuz' he barely talks to me and ever since we slept too close (we didn't do anything) during a camp he starts to avoid and has become a lot shyer. So does he likes me? or does he hates me?
i met him two years back.
he is very charming, make me smile and when he is around i just loose myself.
ok so at first i didnt realy like this boy i have him in some of my lessons and back then he wasnt sooo shy like now. sooo me and my friend made a nickname for him we call him that he allways stares at me but he doesent look away or sometimes he pretends to be looking some wear else wich he is actulay looking at me how i am i suppose to now if he likes me if he is soooo shy
I like a boy and he always makes fun of me and laughs at me and i dont know if he truly loves i really love him its just well i might be to young for a boy fiend but i really want one
Ok at lunch he turns his head to look at me smiles all the time On Tuesday he will sit in comands at stable look atvme And a couple times I wenr to a young life party this was in December but any ways I walk down satirs and I dint reload this was him bc he got a lot taller lol and I brush up Abomey Himm and he touches my middle back. And says wooop. ,oppp and then he's looking at me when I sit down and his bud die smiling at me too and then he didn't know iy was a white elephant gift exchange and he like umm that was mention for some one else and then he looks at me while he says I made that for some one looks in my eyes then one time at school I was siting down at lunch and he's in lunch line and he points to me and is all happy then sits at his table and then gets up and looking at me and can't seem to stand still. And then come over at his buddies table and dose not even talk to him and he put his hand over table and just smiles looking at me hovering over table then I c him and he walks past like 5 time by me WTF. I'm really confused lol .....
ok at lunch i go to the library to go on the computer and i see him there he looks at me but when i look at him he looks way he is a skater so he has longish hair every time i look at him he start to fix his hair i am really good friends with his best friend she is a girl i when to the skate park with her and he was there i try to talk to him but he would look at the ground while i was talking or try to cove his face with his hair or answer my question with a dead end answer -.- and when i was not looking he would try to show off his skating skill and he would sit 2 computer away from me and would just look at me but not talk to me what do u think ?
Ok, so I've known this guy since last year and I could tell that hes always like me because 1) he always stared at me at lunch 2)called me on skype all summer 3) The day before we started 7th grade he asked me how I felt about starting middle school Get this, He and his friend call me up on skype and I was in the bathroom at the time so I missed the call. I come back and see that I missed it and his friend messages me and asks "Are you talking to **** (<his name)"? I say no and he says "good". It left me confuzled. I call my crush and ask him what he told his friend. he then just goes "umm...ummm.... then I say nevermind then go into another conversation. At school he was blushing....... i guess he stopped......he also taps me on the shoulder and I look the wrong way lol. I don't know if I should admitt that I like him.....
Actually we both r same college... To tell the truth i lyk him a lot.. I doesn't knw whether he too likes me or not.. He used to see me always but wen i saw tat he just stare at me and suddenly turns his face.. If suppose he is crossing me along wid his frnds he'll see me by talking to one of his frnds tat am seeing him or not... Am damn sure tat he too likes me but i wud lyk to hear dis by himself... I'LL BE WAITING FOR U TILL MY DEATH DEAR...
...i'm not reaaly sure if he likes me or that his friends were only joking..but they told me he really likes me..that’s when I got interested on him..when he’s with his friends, he’s so garolous..but shuts up when I’m near him..sometimes I think he likes me. And some times I also thinks he just don’t talk to me because his friends might just tease him more..ahg… I already like him that much…I wanna know how he really feels about me so I could stop thinking several things...
I can't tell if he likes me! He'll be really nice and sweet to me one day. He even walked me to class! The next day though, he'll act really weirdly, as if I don't exist.
I like this guy, I mean alot, and all my friends keep going up to him asking if he likes me, he usually says "not really". I don't like my friends doing this because he probably thinks I'm obsessive, the guy I like is shy but has alot of friends, hes not obnoxious! ( Which i like) the thing is, is that I'll catch him staring at me sometimes then glance away but I can' tell if he likes me. He never talks to me but hes texted me once, Comments would be appreciated <3
I really like hiim. It's usually mixed signals that i get and sometimes i fell he really like me and then other days i don't.
I reallly like this guy, aloottttt like you have no idea and all his friends yeelll at me and say " ya he wants you " or " he likes you " But he's pretty shy and is a year older then me.. I've never talked to him before but his class is in one of my gym class and my friends always saw they see him looking at me and that whenever he nottices i see or my friends see him looking at me he looks away.. I just need to know how i can somehow start to get him to talk to me or if he likes me !! please anyone help!
I really like this guy. We graduated from high school together, and currently attend the same college together. He's very, very, very, very smart. Like the kind of scary smart. He's very shy. When other people talk to him, he gave them little to no response, but when I talk to him, he would respond back and ask me further question to continue the conversation. We cross each other in campus a couplet times, and we would say hi to each other (not very common when he's around others). One time, I didn't look up at him becuase for some reasons, all of my courages just disappeared, but then he'd concentrate on me, waiting for a "hi". I hate myself so much, for not giving him consistent "hi's". Now....He's almost done at the college, and is about to transfer, and I'm not. :( When I discovered this, I finally approached him the other day, and had a marvelous conversation with him. Lol. The most exciting part about the talk was, he questioned me like "When are you done?" What's your major?" I felt butterflies all over. Lol. Yup.... he's definitely someone I want to keep for a very long time, but he's about to transfer. I'm just afriad that he will forget me. =( Tell me, will he? Idk. What can I do so he will remember me????? I will attend his graduation ceremony this semester. But I don't know how to appraoch him, for he will probably have family members around him. IDK IDK IDK!
I like this guy.....ALOT. He's really shy, but in a sweet way. He has a huge group of friends, and everybody knows who he is. It's not like he's socially awkward or anything like that; he's just not obnoxious. Which I'm crazy for. He's not the type of guy that slaps your butt & texts you asking if you want to hook up. He's a real guy. And I don't even know what to do. We're friends.,& talk on a regular basis. We play the same sports & have some stuff in common. I'm just crazy for this "guy" & can't get it off my mind. I don't know if or how we could be more than just friends , but not ring is driving me absolutely crAzy. Help me .
i like a boy ths year. hez so shy. when cls is goin.when i look at him he is lookin at me.when he understand iam lookin him he will turn . wat is ths mean?
Ok so i really like this boy. Im in 8th grade. Hes not shy at all with his friends but he really doesnt talk much while Im around. I cant tell if its because he likes me, he hates me, or its just a coincedence. Ive liked him for about 3 months now. I didnt know who he was until November when i was dared to kiss him on the cheek on a bus ride to philadalphia for a field trip. Another girl was dared to kiss him on the cheek and he was like "NO!" and then they dared me and he didnt say anythingg ! Hes SO cute and down to earth and funny and athletic(: People say that they think he really likes me and they think he has since last year . But idk fi their just saying that bc their my friends...So whenever i act like i like him he totally ignores me. But ever since ive been acting like idk who he is .. he seems interested in me again. I always catch him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. And hes always convienently in the same place as me most of the time . I cant stop thinking about him and i really want to know if hes thinking about me too. what should i do? do you think hes interested? PLEASE RESPOND BACK(:
I'm 14 & i like this shy guy since i first met him when i was 13.i liked him even when i haven't really no him back then.we're the same age n are in same class since last january till march he sat infront of me n the rest of the year I sat infront.we talk sometimes.i knew if i wanted to b in the same class as him IN 2012 i should study---HARD!My results improved so much that no1 even i x blieve it!it was official i'm in the same class with HIM!but now we don't talk to each other anymore cz we x sit near 1 another.we're close in facebook n chat alot but recently he unfriended me for no reason.i'm heartbroken for so long bcuz i suspected he likes Sara(my friend) bcuz he didn't unfriend least once a day in class,he'll stare at me,when i look at him,he'll look away really fast.once when i was laughing n joking with my bff,she stopped laughing for a while then she whispered to me that when i wasn't looking,she caught HIM staring at ME!he noticed she watching n looked at her n she turned bac quickly.she said she caught him staring at me a lot of times.I like him so much...i don't know he feels the same or not.
i really like this boy of my class,i don't know if he's shy but he looks shy,he talks to me everyday and is very social,but when it comes to "love" he's so shy with that girl,he's always staring at me and make funny jokes and is so sweet,i want him to notice me more,i wanna be more then friends with him,but i don't know how to make the first move,Help please!
Hi I'm a high school student, I like this guy but the problem is he is shy that he only stares/looks at me sometimes with smile.. he is just a neighbor of our room, he's not my classmate.. I just want to clear if he likes me? He don't do anything except sometimes he follows me..(sometimes) read body languge and find out some hints that he's flirting. I just want to be sure...
So im a freshman in highschool and ive really liked this guy for a while now and im not sure but at one point i think he knew but now i think he thinks i like someone else cuz i kinda wanted to see his reaction he was a bit idk how to explain but he was asking who even thouhg i wouldnt tell. Anways he's a junior and he's really good friends with my brother whose a senior which is how i came to like him becuz we give him rides so im with him alot, but he started dating this girl that i dont like that much cuz she's very negative and treats all freshman like lackeys(shes a senior) and they just broke up and few days ago. I thought i was over him but now that he's single and were spending time together sorta, my feelings resurfaced. He's kinda crazy he gets really mad at things sometimes but he's nice and super funny although he's a bit antisocial at times. Anyways i was wondering if you think there might be a chance for me or if i should try to give up again? and if there is a chance how should i get him to ask me out cuz i really hate asking guys out?
I'm a freshman in high school and I really like this junior guy. I can sense he likes me a bit because I caught him staring at me and sometimes tries to look away whenever I look back. Then, my friends tell me he looks at me. like when we were in a big crowd, as in big crowd, then my friend Nica tells me that he looks ate me for like more then 5 times already. Then here comes, Luz, May and other friends of mine that told me he looks at me. Then during a camp, I was upset 'cause he's with another girl. So, there was a handsome boy out there and I cheer for him since he's in a contest then whenever I cheer for that boy, LUZ ('cause she's my seatmate)told me he kept on glaring at me. It was thrice already when his friends are like pushing him to me. The first one was during the mass. So, here's the final catch, I was joining a certain competition. He was also asked to join that contest but he said he is involved in another contest so he decline.d But the next day, he switched and joined us instead. Since he's a junior and I'm a freshman, he had his JS PROM but he didn't dance with anybody and was extremely bored there. I knew it cuz I had someone investigating there and I saw his pics taken by his classmates.
ok i have a crush on this really really shy guy and im like really the only girl he carries on a full conversation with and i've coaught him so many times staring at me and when i turn to look at him he turns away and starts blushing and when our eyes meet we both turn a really really bright red and then look away. Does he like me or is he just intimidated by me? it will really help if you can tell me
I hav liked this guy austin since the fifth grade and im in seventh grade now. I think that he liks me n alot of people say tht he does but hes too shy to share his feelimg about me. At thw homecoming foot ball game he talked to my bff n told her tht he liks me but he wants to hav a convo to get to know me better before we would date...well that mever happened. He alsso says tht his parents dont want him to date but in our school.u dont actually go anywhere until 8th grade ..should i let him go or make a first move
Hi... I like Infact I'm starting to fall in love with him.but m nt sure if he does. We met through our friends.later I asked him out for dinner n we did go out. When we went out for dinner, I did notice that he shared abt his family n his childhood experience. We had. Good time... Whenever I msg he replies if he is not busy. He dies nt complement me. But it seems he is a bit shy...coz whenever I have praised him he does have that blushing smile. Recently I gave him some gift n he accepted it. M not sure whether he likes or loves me ? I was thinking of proposing him ? Any suggestion?? Thanks in advance
I have been seeing this guy for 4 months and he plays guitar and has given me hints of 3 songs and they all say i am not a one night stand, i am his sunshine..i love him how he wants to be loved...well i sent him a card telling him how i feel...that i like him...and i texted him hi one day and he said hi back...which he has never done i have not heard from him....he is shy and should i send another card?....we have been together loveually and i know he really likes me....we hit it off from the beginning and i know i am not imaging things...should i just wait for an answer or should i try communicating with him? he has taken me out to dinner a few times and he has been at my place and i have been to his....i think he is being shy what do u think?
There is this guy! I take the same bus every morning with him and this have been going on for quite a while now.... I started noticing him staring at me all the time but when I stare back he turns away. i tried talking to him but when he answers me back he can hold a stare?
I like this boy named Joe. We go to the same karate studio, on mondays. He doesn't talk much and acts like he doesn't notice me. I am an 11 year old 5th grader (will be in 6th grade next school year) He is 12 and in 6th grade( gonna be in 7th when I am in 6th). He's super cute shy and is the strongest in karate class. I am 2nd strongest.
It has been 7months i like this guy who looks macho but am told is shy.He ignored me placing himself at the other end of the room.When I ignored him I saw him looking at me when caught he paced fast.Many a times vanishes from the scene when I come and shows up after I have left,this was earlier.However when we meet face to face shares a Hi.He fumbles when I speak to him more than a Hi.He is very nervous when I say bye to him in public.Sometime seems to behave like a school boy. Now he doen't run away from the place,BUT WALK by quitely Does he like me?
Heey [: Soo i like this Guy And i always see that he's starring at me like for 5 min and his shy :( Moslty his friends are telling me that i should ask him out soo should i? All his friends knows that i like him & they call me by his last name.His Cousin told me that he likes me but idk if i should believe him Well we talk once but he was soo quite. Last week i heard him talking about me with one of my close Guy Friend So does he like Me?
HE Totally likes you
Hi.. I need some love advice... soo i really like this guy at school and i told him that i liked him on the phone and he told me the samething..but everything changes after that day, he sometimes says hi and i think he tried to avoid me, i have him for every period i have at school, and he always make an eye contact with me when im far away to him, he barely talk to me, but then he flirts with other girls... I just want to know if he likes me or he doesn't.. Please help me on this.Mahalo
can some one help me on about this guy? Ever since the beginning of this year this dude will look at me, talk with some girl and look over at me a lot, try liking sport that i love, also be in the same room as me. He really gets nervous when I'm around. One time when he was with his friends, they came up to me and he did talk. Which was unusual for him since he's know to talk loud and a lot. He just stared at me. Also since we are in art together he sometimes gets up to "stretch" and every time a play any song, he gets nervous and looks around. Also every time one of his friends comes by he gets up and walks over but i notice he has been looking at me. But i have heard that he is a player. So, does he like me, or does he not? I do not know but i kinda think he does. after all this has been going on for like 6 months. so, can someone plz help me?
oh well here's the story. after graduating from HS. I stayed in a male-female dormitory and there was this guy that was introduced to me by a friend who i met in the dormitory. he was good looking and seems shy. Everytime i see him around our dorm i would usually say hi to him and he would stop, stare at me and smile but he doesn't say hi then the day came where in i don't even say hi to him anymore. actually i have a crush on him. so i made something which is just an art of his name. my friend saw what i've done then he suddenly posted it to the shy guys room door. but after that i saw it in the ground in front on his room so i thought of he doesn't like me. at my first year in the dorm that was just happened. then on my 2nd year i just ignored the feeling that i like him. suddenly the feeling of liking him just came back. actually when go home from school there were days where in i would unexpectedly see him infront of our dormitories gate. he actually stares at me everytime i pass infront of me, but i don't really look at him. everytime i saw him inside our dormitory i would catch him looking at me and suddenly looks down when i look at him back. that didn't happened once but eveytime i see him. another situation was when i got really sick in our dorm. then my sister knew that i liked him and my sis thought of he could help them know what to do about me because he is a nursing student. My sister tried to borrow a termometer to him, but unluckily his thermometer wasn't with him so he suggeested my sister to give a medicine. after that my sis gave me a medicine and had annother dormate to check my temperature. My sister told me that when she came out of our room, he saw the shy guy and she said he was like confuse where to go because there is a 2 stairs near our room, then when you go straight between those stairs you will see our room. my sister saw him walking in confusion the other stair was on the way to the laundry but there is no reason to go there because it's already closed, because it's already 11pm at that time. another stair is a way to the dormitories 3rd floor which his room is placed. but he when he saw my sister he asked her if she gave me my medicine already then suddenly, my sister asked a favor to him to say hi to me then he said sure, then i was shocked to cause my sister told me you have a visitor then i asked who. I saw him then he said hi, i was trying to be snobbished so he won't notice i like him but he stayed long infront on our door that seems like he's really waiting for me to say hi. My sister told me to say hi back to him but i really didn't say hi. then that's it after that i gone home to have a rest in our house. i wasn't able to stay in our dorm and go to school or more than 1 week. finally when i gone back to our dorm, my friends called me to have a dinner then were infornt of our dormitories gate. the shy guy was there and talking to our dorm's security guard. i pretented that i didn't see him so i just passed infront of him. but i know he was looking at me. then my we waited for another friend outside our dorm. then when i was talking to some friends i saw him finding ways to see me but i was really hiding because i'm shy. i don't know what he asked about our guard about me and my friends but the guard is pointing us. actually our security guard was close to all of the people inside our dorm i actually talk to him alot. is this a sign that he like me??? cause after that happened everytime i saw him he really does look away and slightly have a smiley face. so what you think??? :))
I like that guy since November when we did the lab together. I'm serious, when I first met him, I felt nothing about him. After doing that lab, I started to feel something for him, but it was not that serious... I added him on facebook just want to know more about him, but at that exact time, i was just like, 'oh, this guy kinda cute'... (but now oh my god, i like him to death) about two weeks later after the lab even though we never talked but I started to like him more and more. I always try to walk his way, and everything, but i noticed that he never really cared. Starting from about in January, i feel like he started to notice me a little bit... but this last two weeks, oh my goodness, sometimes i caught him staring at me. One day I was really mad at him because i felt like he was trying to avoid me, so i avoid him too. then at that day about at lunch he walked pass me and stared at me... i was not making those imagination that he was looking at me things up, he really did, but we never talked... what can i do????
WELL. I've liked this guy since... maybe two or three months ago? At first it wasn't too serious. Just kind of that whole: he caught my eye thing, blah blah. PROBLEM. We don't go to the same school. I only get to see him once a month or so, because of going to these dances my friend likes to bring me to. That's how I first saw him. ANOTHER PROBLEM <.<. We've never spoken. And I'm too nervous to make the first move xD. He's quite anti-social, and tends to keep to himself. He has his group of friends, and I've talked to them maybe once or twice. But even with them he's sometimes anti-social. Ei he's incredibly sneaky or I'm silly. Because, I can never tell if-when he's looking in my direction-if it's at me or not. I'm normally not that good at picking up those things, so it could be either or. But it's just incredibly hard to tell if something is there or not... he's soooo shy. I really like him... a lot <.<. He hasn't left my mind since I decided that it was more than just an eye-catching thing. I have a few subtle plans in my mind xD. Just basic ways to actually get myself talking to him so I can perhaps get a better idea as to whether or not he likes me. I'm interested in knowing your secret o.o.
Okay so I've liked this shy guy going on about a year and a half. He has told me that he thinks that I'm pretty and stuff but I have really loud, obnoxious friends who always bombard him with questions. Him and I were friends for a while but after how embarrassing my friends have been I haven't been able to face him. Everyday at lunch my friends and I always catching him staring at me. Which is frustrating because he has told a friend of mine that he didn't want to date me. I just want to know if I should just try to forget about him or stick this out. I just have no idea what to do.
stick it out. He has feelings for you and you for him, if your friends don't approve so what, friends aren't there for ever but your special guy is.
Ive liked this guy for a long time but im too shy to ask him out. I knoe he likes me but also he is shy. We are friends but his best friend is my enemy. If I say I love you, my friends will make a big thing about it. I dont want to let it go. He is cute smart and funny and has magnificent blue eyes.
i like the boy hes hot cute lovey and he has abbs and im going out with him i like my relationship
okay i have this guy who i see every sunday. when he is playing the drums he will look at me when he think i am not looking. when i look up he will put his head down like he wasnt doing anything but playing. then when we have the severe going he will sit on the other side of the room and when i feel like someone is staring at me, i lok and i see him looking, then when he knows i see him he will sit back up and start lookin at are pastor. he is 26 years old and i am 21. why do you think he does that i mean i used to like him. then when i think finally over him he does this. Why should i do?
there's this collegue of mine,we've been very close, whenever we talked he would always touch me or make innocent gestures like coming very close to my face, or stand in the way so that i would accidently bump onto him.this was untill we were separated,infact i was moved to another department, thats when i realised that i actually miss him a lot,i sent him an sms that i really like him and he never responded,is he shy, or just moved on.
okay so there's t his guy i like , and hes my brothers cosin on his moms side me and my brother onlyhave same dad, but any ways i know he likes me he shows it but its just the conversations , i wanna talk to him but im scared or neveros like ,really nevors and i always msg him on face book never msg me back but in person we hit it off , we have neverd kiss yet, but im confused, he said hes happy nothing went down when we were drunk we bothe went home. and that im a cool girl and that hes really sorry for not msg me back and that he was really immmuntre and wasnt sure what to say its like hes keeping me in the friend zone or the go zone, ?
it all started on our practice for foundation Day sportfest he is my classmates brother he always make an eye contact on me but sometimes he look away when im looking to him but sometimes he dont look to me because he is so shyy then there was a moment that during im dancing at the stage he look's to me i just want to know if he had a feelings to me or not :) if he likes me or not <3
i am a boy of 9 class till 6 class i study in the same school as in the 9 class but when i was back in 8 class i was unknown by everyone in my class there was a dividing into groups i was in the group of her only every one encouraged me that she likes me and when i we was promoted to class 9 our class was changed but yet when she look at me and at the same time i look to her she imediately turn her beautiful eyes
So I like this guy in my English clad but I can't tell if he likes me because he doesn't talk to me and but he does stare at me some times can you help
so theres this boy i like and my friend is dating him but never knew i liked him and last year it looked like he liked me and this year he made fun of me a few times but then my best friends sister told him off and then one day he asked me how my day was going and today when we were in math i had to sit behind him and he was staring at me for a long time and then turned around and did a magic trick for me and got right but i think he really likes his gf alot but i dont know if he likes me please help please
I'm in 8th grade, and there is this guy I've had a crush on since the beginning of 8th grade. I don't know why I like him but I just do. Hes not shy when hes around his friends, hes such a chatterbox around them. But when hes not around them, hes shy just like me. One day, I told a friend of mine that I like him, and he told him that I like him so now he knows.. but ever since he found out, I have been catching him staring at me from far distance. Hes in my P.E class and he sits next to me. Everytime I talk to my friends when hes around, he smiles and looks down a lot. But I don't know if hes blushing. Not only that, we always find eachother in the same places. I really like him but, I don't know if he likes me. I always see him staring at me. Sometimes, when we walk past eachother, we give a eye contact for a second and both turn away. We both walk down from school to, hes always behind me or in front of me. One time, when I was walking down, he was behind me and when I turned around, I saw him staring at me while his friends where trying to get his attention. I don't know... I am so confused I don't know if he likes me or not. I don't know if I imagine this or if hes doing theses things to my friends and not me. Idk lol
there is this guy i liked for the first semester...and then i slowly observe signs that he likes me: its strange that he talks to every person except me. i feel sad to know that. and then there's this time he stared into my eyes for more than two seconds. he keeps walking the hallway, peeking inside the window/door window on where my classes are. and then there's a time that he came near me while i'm busy reading and typing on my laptop and then looks down on me and walked away (i have this feeling he was smiling down at me while i'm busy). there's a lot more things i have observe catching my attention stuff. it's just weird. i wanted to end his misery (and my misery) but i can't think of anything to approach him/confess. i'm actually a shy girl too.
The guy in the beginning of year I was a shy girl that didnt like to talk,i didnt like him i thougjt he was just a regular friend till weeks later when the teacher about to switch seats I started talking to him and his friends... When then a few months or weeks later he started to hold out his 2 hands like he was giving me a high10 bit he interlocked our hands.... Weird... And then he stops doing it for a while,then we said hi and smiled for a while... Couple of days.... Then a few days ago I havent been doing the stuff with him... Yesterday,his friends asked hik when i was walking away "why dont you have a gf already" "iust joking i dont know" and then i ask agan later after class to his friend if it was true he keeps chsngin the answers and say yes,no,maye,just kidding... What is up? Also in class i ask ed the dude I like asked him if he wants to hang out with me the girl was there i didnt know and she looked at me...and then boom today a girl was talking to him and then she kept staring at me... he always looks rushed near me.... He hugs his friends girls and boys... Im pretty sure he doesnt hold hands with people.....i hope he answers if he wants to hang out with ke so i can tell hi i like him before its too late,bit the thing is wha if he doesnt answer before christmas break... Me telling him i like him IS his present... Btw he a freshman and im a sophmore he 14 im 15 hes a respectful boy,,im pretty sure...

Thank you for listening... I just really like him,I think i mightve had a chance but that girl looks at me like shes challenging me.... And one tims he answered me hes busy.... O.e time i ask if he wanted a hug but he said he was sick,which he was,and the next day hli saw him higging a girl....
So there's a guy that I like.And he's shy! I don't want to Write so much about it. But sometimes I feel like he stares at me. I haven't caught him, because I don't know if he stares at me or not. It has happened that I feel that he looks into my direction. His bestfriend is one of the guys that is not shy. He talks to me and stuff. But sometimes I feel that the shy guy is Close to me, but that Close. If you understand me. But the guy I like is a guy that doesn't talk so much to you if you don't talk to him. I udnerstand that because I do that sometimes. He sounds like he doesn't care. But when I asked him about something I could hear that he cared. And when he passed me to og home he turned around into my direction¨. I was looking forward but I could see on the side. It has happened that he just talked to meg. Said something like, ''I would have done like that''. I know that he doesn't sound like he care but ...

This love eats me from the inside like I had bugs in my stomach. I don't get butterflies in my stomach when I see him. But hurricans! Every time I see him, It's just like I fall in love With him again! I can't stand by this love I don't even know if he shares for me. Please help me!
hi well got guy looks at .but wait he married so am i plus im friend of miss but he talks to his friend. when in around on of chance but he different. when his at home or if im out or walk past he look don't talk bit ive spoke to him i think is shy like me but he followed last summer unexpectedly and stop in car stared and smile nowgot huge crush on him yes it mad im married so is he but hard not to look so fit please help me
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