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I am a boy and i have this girl that I like, but i am very shy and i want to know how i can get a girl to like me. There are some articles i've read that show you some tricks on how to make a woman like you, but they don't cover all the important things about getting hurt.

I read in one place where it said to give a chick flowers and they will fall in love immediately, but i know that's not true. So what do girls like in a guy?
Today's girls are very picky. They want perfection in a man and when they find the perfect man, they end up getting hurt when really the perfect man was infront of their face.

Anyway, Im not a proffessional gigalo, but i would like to know some tips on how i can make this girl like me. what can i do?

ps, i think gigalo should be spelled: gigolo
What is a gigolo ?

A gigolo is a man who loves everything about a woman. Of course he is there to care for her body, but just as important he is there with all his attention. A gigolo is educated, knows about the world, is independent, is sexually experienced and understands what a woman needs.

Not just sex, but romance, even if it is for just one night, there is connection, passion, fun, humour, trustworthiness, safety. A gigolo will know how to use his own "tools" and other tools which will help him achieve his utmost goal: to fully satisfy his lady.

hi i like this one girl but i don't know if she like me and what shold i do
im in seventh grade and theres a girl i like and were both the shy kind and i need help talking to her.
try the kiss trick:sit with her somewere and touch the tps of her hair and if she smiles stroke it but top to bottom then tell her she has soft hair and if she smiles or tells you something she is ready to be kissed.good luck
year be a man be funny responsible giving but not to giving and you have to know how to sale you self. ps a handy tip the hotter the girl the more lonely because every one is to afraied to ask her out good luck.
get her alone and ask her to get her alone try doing this at recess.say the teacher wants her and meet her and then ask her out then say she/he didnt really want her
every girl ive had loves a sense of humor and if you act just a lil bit insecure, they might try to cheer you up.last but not least, your gonna get rejected eventually so just get used to it and if it doesnt work move on
just talk with your friends about a band she likes and talk with ur mates about things help you friends and make ssure she sees you doing this this will show her that you are kind and loving and just do awsome things but never look at her while your doing them that will show that your just doing it cus she is there and when you think she likes you(u can see a guide to see if a girl likes you on the intrernet) ask her
*be nice to her friends (and her!!!)
*make her familiar with you
i think u should tell her how u fell about liking the only matters is she likes you can do it try it be nice to her so she might like you.try to cheer her up hen she is sad.ask for a hug so you might like the hug.
dont tell her how you fell just show it. dont be a gentalmen be your self. example im in 7 grade and i like a girl i told her how i fell and she rejected me bad she said "no" then a tear droped and she said "your cute and nice but im not ready" so dont tell her how you fell show her.
im in 5th grade and i like this girl and whene i talk to her i always say the stupidist things.and this girl is nice funny pritty.i think she thinks im weird cause stupid things i say.and she knows i like her and this girl is the girl of my dreams literly i have had dreams about her cause i like her so much so what should i do.
I no wat ur going through. I am super shy around people that aren't my friends, and i really like this guy at my school and hes like me shy around everyone but his friends. People keep saying you need to be straight up with him or talk to him, but im in 7th grade and he is in 8th. If i were you then i would just hint it. seriously even through im a 7th grader u can email me at teamjacob4ever - at - Yahoo! kk bye
Theres this boy i like, and we went out for a week, but then we ended it cause we never talked, i still like him and i would luv for us to go out again. only problem i dont know how to tell him without his friends making fun of me! what should i do??!
i love this girl her name is stephanie we r in 5th grade we like family fued and that 70s show and stuff the thing we loveeeee ALOTTTTTTTT is art i try to ask her things but she is too pretty xD we joke around how do i let her know i wanna be more than friends
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i like this girl alot i thank she knows i like her but icant i thank she is gunna say no and walk away and tell every one
Okay, I have to admit that we do want perfection, but since you're shy ask for her number or something like that. If you're friends with her, maybe ask her to go to the movies with you or hang out sometime. (But ask her a specific place so if she says yes then you know she likes you.) I am also shy, but just ask her to hang out pretty much. If the girl says no, I can't sorry, or makes up an excuse, she doesn't like you, but if she tries to set it up for another day, then she does like you. Texting her can also be a great way to talk to her.

Going to the flowers thing, that totally isn't true, and thank you for pointing that out.

I hope this helps you.

Good luck!
im in seventh grade and i like this one girl her friends say she likes me i just dont know how to ask her for or number or ask her out. anyone know how to?
I realy like this one girl in fith grade. She knows just I can`t even look her in the eyes. im afraid that she will freak out if i say anything to her. i dont know what to do,plus my freinds will lauf if i go near her. pleaas tell me what to dI realy like this one girl in fith grade. She knows just I can`t even look her in the eyes. im afraid that she will freak out if i say anything to her. i dont know what to do,plus my freinds will lauf if i go near her. pleaas tell me what to do.
My problem is that im in fith grade and theres this one girl i like and my no good freinds told her. now i cant talk to her with out saying something dumb. I have no idea what to do.
I like this girl but she wont even talk to me.I have done what alot of pepole said on websites and I asked her out(She did not reply)
Me too my friends told her so now i have no idea what to do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Yeah i like this 1 girl in 7th grade but i dont no if she likes me im her friend right now but thsi kid came back named josh and he is all over her and she lets him hug her a lot and its jsut makeing me mad and i wont her to like me cus i relly liek her anyone no what i should do!?!?!
Hi Eric, i'm TJ and I had the same problem, first of all, if your friends laugh at you then they're not your true friends so ignore them. Second of all, if you really like her, talk to her, get her number or e-mail or something so you can stay in touch, get to know her and let her know about yourself too. Be absolutely sure you two are friends before you ask her out.
well all these 5th graders and seventh graders cant really help, they all have the same problem. But being a junior in high school...take the initiative to go to her and tell her you like her. become friends with her. if u act mature, not like your in fourth grade, i bet she will like you. and your friends- well if they're giggling when you go near her, then im sure they dont have girlfriends either :)
im a shy guy to and i like this girl but havent worked up the nerve to ask her out i always put my head down which is not a very good way to get a girl im in middle school and so is the girl but the thing is she has a boyfriend but i don't no if shes mistreated or not. I NEED TIPS!
hey just get her email or number the ease in to it slowly first just speak to to her then get a bit more personal and say what you feel let her reply then once you have got a link going on ask her who she feels about you and then pluck up the courage from somewhere to ask her out p.s i have even got to ask her out yet
That good info. Visit this website make-a-girl-ike-yo it has some really good information also on the topic ow to make a girl like you.
Girls really dont look for a perfect guy, they just look for the right one. I know i like a super shy guy right now and i am FAR from being shy. Dont stress too much. She will not wory about love if you shy too. Being nice is what matter. Say things that make her feel good. Like how pretty she looks or you like her hair so on. You can read so many things on the internet that give you advice. but when it actully comes and it happens it nothing like what the internet told you to do. I promise it will be far better. Go for it cause life is too short to be scared of getting hurt. help it helps -:)MLW
how to get my broken love renewed
hye come to my house
i have the same problew i like this girl and i think she likes me
how do i get this girl to like me
its easy, just stare at her.. :) but not in a creepy way... :\ and if u're brave, when she caught u staring at her, just smile at her.. :) then mayb she'll think that u're a nice guy.. thats what girls always think! XD
hey dude just act natural be soc ial they will love you i got 3 girls who love me for doing that
just tell them u like them they may like u how would u ever find love.girls like diffent came of guys.girls love sporty,handsome,kind,stro and smart guy even crazy people its ok.all u got to say is where are yall going on ur first dat and the time just say ing like a guy that knows the girl
if you like a girl just get to know her and then build up enough confidence to ask her out
Hey I also need advice ! I'm a girl and i'm in seventh grade and I like this boy and I can't tell if he likes me !? And we are both really shy I need a guys advice thts in my age group !
Hey, im going into 9th grade now but I dont think im much different from when i was in seventh grade. TRUST me , a shy guy like me wont mind being asked out, just go for it but, not around alot of people
same here i am in 7th grade and i like this guy and we r both shy i want to ask him out but im to shy.what do i do?
do he look at u if he do u got a change
i got a gf from being shy but she broke up with me cuz i dont talk much my head is always down.nd wen i do talk 2 her my friend is always tryin to make us kiss nd hug
I've been going out with this girl for 2 days and I want to kiss her tomorrow but today she told me that she doesn't want to take things too fast...what do I do???
try being nice and sweet if he's not in to that stuff use your loveuality.
Try being nice, but not demanding. its really important to make her feel special, and to be truthful. I know from personal experience that girls are not always very comfortable with how they look, so try to make her feel pretty. also, its nice to just talk to her about random things, just like a friend, and try hard not to be awkward around her. and try to make her laugh and smile a lot. :) (I kinda suck at this lol but I tried.)
you shouldent be shy, if you like a girl don't be affraid to ask her out, the worst she can say is NO
This is how I got my girl.I went up to her and said will you go..... and ran she was thinking for a cupl of days and in 2 days I had a girl
i am fat and there is this girl i like in my tuission how can i make her love me i doont tolk much hellp
There's this girl i've liked for a while now but there's a problem. She's out going and im shy. She wont date me unless I become an out going person. Or if I start talking more but I told her thats just not me. She said thats ok but I dont know because I REALLY LIKE HER WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
What's your age and hers? Which country do you live in, and tell me more. I think I can help you a lot...
Hey if u ask him he will probably say yes (its "easy mode" for girls
Ok, I don't know this girl at all but I love her. There is really no way to describe it, I've been thinking about her for the whole school year. I'm not the best looking guy in school, I'm shy, and I'm a pretty big guy. I've fallen for her when I don't know her. I think I've caught her staring at me a few times, but I dont know if I'm just seeing things. Just to know if she at least thinks I'm cute will give me the boost I need to talk to her. But when I look in the mirror I tell myself how could she like me when there are thousands of other boys out there that are better than me? She's shy as well, she listens to asking alexanderia when I listen to disturbed. She's a baseball player while I'm not athletic at all. I'm 14 years old going on 15, and the school year is almost over. I need self-confidence to talk to her. Please help me.
go and love her.don't be affraid my frnd .u r a man
hey, i've had a crush on my friends sister for the longest time. right now we're just friends, and i'd like to change that. but i have one problem, i am extremely shy. i have a hard time talking to ALL girls. i really like her, but i don't know what to do. i can't even talk to her i'm so afraid. i've been to many sites that tell you how to win over a girl. even for shy guys. but it won't work for me. i can't do a single thing on there. please i beg of you. help me, please.
i really like this boy but hes SUPER SHY AND I REALLY WANT TO DATE HIM. i dont know wat 2 do
I really like this girl but I am shy and I don't know what to do but I really like I can't keep her out of my mind I like her more than anything I really do not know what to do please help me and I am only 11.
Hey guys,
I have the exact same problem, I REALLY like a girl but were only in the 'friend zone' i'm really shy aswell, all you need to do if be nice to her (smile, compliment) if you have her number start up a converstation, (dont make it about you only her) drop her hints and make it so she thinks you fancy her, she will ask one of her friends to ask you if its true? say yes ( you might be too shy so say no but leave clues that you do) and the rest is up to you.....
hy guys i'm in 4th grade i love to shoot my pellet guns
and i'm 9 years old
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