Hey girls.. I need some help I've never tried this online thing but im desperate. My story is I met this guy when i was engaged to a guy who was very mean to me i know i was dumb but I met this wonderful person who gave me his al knowin i was engaged to this bad guy. Problem is he told me he loved me and I didnt khow how to react I did not know he felt that way for me. Stupidly enough I broke his heart by mistake going back in to the arms of the guy i was engaged to who only did me wrong. Luckily I am no longer with that bad guy I finally got the strenght to leave and now I am the one heart broken cuz i want my sweet savior back I know he still loves me but he avoids me I've been trying for a year now and nothing I dont know what to do i told him how i felt but he wont budge..idk if its cuz hes scared i will hurt him again or what.. I jus know this is the guy I want to spend my life with I would collapse the day I find out he is maride or has kids I want to be his everything again Plz help any suggestions .