I would like to no how to make a guy fall in love with u. Also i want to no can u help me with this ok i go to school like 3 hours away from home and over the Christmas break a met a guy and we shared everything together felt like i been knowing him because he made me feel just that comfortable and i was starting to really like him and he seemed as doe he really admired me also and i ask him do u think by me me 3 hours away will that cause any problems and he said no and i said fine we just have to trust and believe and he agreed. Well we have been having fun active once, so when i got bac to school we would talk for hours joke and play so now i am starting to notice that its getting different i haven't talk to him in n a day and before that he would juz txt me and dont call can u tell me whats this all about. Now i no he was being unreal all this time about everything we talked about he had to been caring about me r something can u make me understand better what should i do