my story of love is we been together for 1 year plus we have an oversea relationship n 1 he told me tat don't ever lied n talk to any guys unless its a necessary but i never listen my temper is bad whenever he come n visit me i beat him but now never now he also don't love me already because i got other guy i very regret before we r the sweetest couple ever but now gone just becaus of my big mistake i wanted to b his good wife again b4 he proud of me tat m good everything also listen to him now he have no trust on me the main ting is he said he know i never lied him anything but the ting is he have no love to me already ask me to break but i don't want he got tried to get back but tried for three month still can't and he said he will think but low chance of getting us back i really don't know wad to do already i wish i can go back from the first relationship with him n i will not lied him n do good to him liste3n to him everything but no time machine where can i find it i really 1 to go back but how cant