I have been going to this small school for three years now and im a senior now and r class has only 18 ppl in it. well ive had a crush on one of the guys in my grade for all 3 years at one point i only went to school so i could just look at him well that went a way but i always have to see him at least once during school. He has known that i like him because some jerk had told him during the summer a few years ago and last year i had keeped catching him staring at me. well the weekend of graduation last year for the 2009 seniors a friend of mine and 1 of the girls in my class had told him at graduation and he had told them that "he knows and that he thinks that it is sweet". for the last week of school last year he keep d talking to me telling me random things and he keep d looking at me and when i looked back he would look away then glance back at me then say something to one of his friends. this year his friends act funny around me like they should be nicer then they have been in the past and if him and i would be partnered in a group 2geather they would look from him to me with a smile on their faces. He likes to annoy me and crack jokes about something i had said to one of my friends when he was in ear shot. I need someones opinion on it. hes popular and I'm not and I'm not as good looking as the other girls that he has been with. one of my good friends had told me that he had been hinting on her at a speech meet but he told her that she shouldn't tell anyone because it would rune his rep. Is it because hes shy, worried what ppl would thing of him, or that he just doesn't like me that way? help me out plz