i just found out that my husband is cheating on me. at first i was devastated, i didnt know how to handle it. i hate him now. i can't trust him anymore. i never imagine this would happened to me. i always tried to give him the best of me and this is how he pays me back. i dont understand what happened. now all i think about is how i can get even with him after what he did to me.

the first thing that came to mind when i wanted to get even on him, was to get revenge, i wanted to do the same thing he did to me by cheating on him, i wanted him to see me with another guy,, watch his face how painful it is when someone you love cheats on you.

but then i came to my senses and decided that he's not worth it. i dont trust him anymore and i dont want anything to do with him. however, i do have something on my mind i dont know what to do. we've been married for a while and im old now. i can't imagine me starting over again. im 49 years old, how can i start my life again. no guy is going to want me at this age. im old and over weight, it seem the only solution i have is to stay with him and put up with everything, but something inside me tell me thats not right..

what can i do? has anyone else been in the same situation?