I was 18 when we met. He was my first lover and he left me to marry a women (they had to get married) only after knowing her for 1 month. Their first child arrived after 8 months of marriage. This marriage lasted 22 yrs. The wife cheated several times in the marriage ending in divorce. I married 4 yrs later and had children but alway loved him. I never stop loving him but I built a wonderful life with my husband and childred. 29 yrs later we found each other and fall in love all over again. Our affair lasted for 2 yrs before his wife found a email. It's been 4 month later and I can't stop loving him. I love my husband and family. I don't want to hurt or change my life with them . How can I stop loving the other man that said he loved me & always will but will not leave his second wife of only 4 yrs. They were only married for 2 when the affair started.
so lost!