i like this girl but im really shy about asking her to be my valentine. i have been thinking about asking her to be mine valentine but when i approach her i get really nervous. i mean she is so beautiful and i dont want to risk making a fool of myself so i just stay away from her. then i noticed this guy started to talk to her. i mean the guy is not as good looking. i think he is average, i think i am average, but i think i can do better than him. so anyways, i know i can ask her but i get so intimidated when i get close her. so how do you ask a girl to be your valentines? this is what i have tried so far with other girls which have worked.

1. buy some candy
2. get her flowers, no wait, not flowers, buy her Roses, Red roses
3. impress her by taking her to a fancy dinner
4. take her to see a romantic movie, never take a girl to see some action movie, you will lose points man!!!

thats all i have tried, are there any others you thinking might help