In the 1990s I loved playing Street Fighter II at my local donut shop and at the 711 - as the years went by I always missed playing that game.

Lately I found Fightcade and its great. You get to play with people from all over the world for free! How cool is that.

But as much fun as it is playing the game, there are some dirty players who use Turbos and/or Macros. You can tell who these players are because they predict every single move you make.

About 4 months ago there were really good player like CigarBob and RenoMD. These players are gone.

I started using the ignore feature because its just getting to crazy playing with some of these gamers that cheat. Here is my list

  1. bookah - This user is clearly an advanced user but only likes to play lower raking users like ?,E, D or C palyers never B or A players. I don't know why? he does not stay in the "Looking to Play" section and stays hidden all the time so no A or B players challenge. is the same as @rushdrifter - I think is the same: bookah  - Only plays lower rank players is never visible. 👎
  2. fatihozyolu - Too much spam on the chats - If you don't ignore, you will see a bunch of useless feeds in the chatroom
  3. El BIBLICO - Watch out for this guy.  Uses Bison torpedos back and forth. Not fun to play. Avoid! You are not going to have fun.
  4. El Cerdo - In spanihs this translates to the PIG. Wath out for this character.  He is known to play Ryu/Ken and grabs instead of fighting. He will hit you one puch and grab you. Not fun. He will also play BISON and use the back and forth annoying topedo which is very annoying. You can see for yourself in his games:
  5. RYU_ERIC - This player uses turbos for his honda. Don't believe me, check it out:
  6. VEGAFRANQUISTA - Grabber plays vega and grabs most of the game.
  7. WAXXDFW - Cheese player. Avoid this gamer. Plays Chun Li and grabs too much, pattern: Jums, one punch and grab. AVOID!!!
  8. Jon Snow Vega - This person uses Bison to torpedo back-and-forth, back-and-forth,back-and-forth,back-and-forth,back-and-forth,back-and-forth,....
  9. BONE CRUSHER - Cheese player will grab too much. Avoid, You will not enjoy the game.
  10. N.Bison - This person is from Korea and all you will get is torpedos and grabbing. Avoid as much as possible, you will not enjoy the game.
  11. Turkey Players - Most players (not all) from the country of TURKEY are very cheese. Watch out for them.
  12. FEX42 - Cheese player. Plays Dhaslim, Droes driver, fire and grabs. Not fun playing, toooo cheese. Best to ignore.

Counter the grabbers TIP: To give these guys a taste of their own medicine, you can go back and forth on your Left-Right stick and hit the punch button repeatly. Another suggestion is to jump.