Why I throw away ValPak In The Trash.

I own a PO box in California and every time I go pickup my mail I see these Valpak envelops. They are very thick full of small pamphlets about local advertisers.

You can recognize these envelopes because they come in dark blue color. As soon as I see one, i dump it in the trash in the post office.

Initially, I thought I was the only person disposing these advertisements in the trash bin. To my surprise, when I open the trash lid, I saw a bunch of other ValPak envelopes in the trash so I knew I was not the only person not reading and looking at the adverts within the envelope. Most if not all were unopened which really is bad for the following reasons.

1. Environmental - Its creating unnecessary waste!

2. Locals businesses are throwing away their money in the trash because no one reads these advertisements

This is probably going to be disappointing if you are a business owner who advertises with these people. Unfortunately, this is a lot very effective way to advertise and get a Return On Investment in my opinion. 

The reason why this is type of advertising is not effective for me and probably for the number of PO Box owners because this feels exactly like spam. Yes, you know, spam.

I often open the envelopes to see if maybe there is anything interesting inside, maybe something I can use and save money.. NONE! Most of the advertisement is local shops who perform work like car maintenance, auto shops, smog checks, laundry, HVAC, lots of plumbers.  I am wondering.., does this type of advertisement work for them? I hope so, maybe out of a million of these advertisements, 10,000 get churn? I don't know, but I would be interested if this works.

Anyway, for me, I would rather invest my money with another type of advertisement.