are you inlove with someone who doesnt love you back? if so, i am going through the same thing. i have feelings for this girl i met and today i found out that she already has a boyfriend and she only is interested in my as friends.

the last text message i got from her said 'i gotta go, my bf is here'

can you imagine the pain and sorrow i felt once i read those words. they were devastating. after that, my heart feels heavy.

i want to get this over with. i keep saying to myself 'she is not worth it' - but at the same time i dont want to because i like the feeling of liking her. she is so sweet. so there's like a battle in my heart and my head.

my head is telling me forget her
and my heart is calling for her.

its weird, but i have gone trough this before, and the only way to change the heart is with time.

so there's my advice for you. you just have to deal with it for now, and time will take care of the pain and sorrow you feel.