are you wondering why she has not texted you back for two hours? if so you probaly want to know why she is not texting you back and whats taking her so long. could she be mad at you? how many hours are you waiting for her to text you back man? one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten??? more?? i know how it feels man, i hate waiting for a girl to text me back...

i will tell you why she is not texting you back.. SHE IS PLAYING HARD TO GET.

trust me, girls dont take their time texting you because they dont want to appear desperate or easy, so they take their time.

these are other possibilities:

* she is busy
* she is with another guy
* her battery went dead

there are more of course, maybe its because:

* she is avoiding you
* she doesn't like you
* you offended her with the last text you sent her
* she lost her phone

Am i getting closer, which one do you think its happening to you?