if you are a moblie user like i am. i like keeping in touch with all my friends on the phone using text. i dont like talking cuz its annoying its better to text so i don't have to hear them yapping about some crap.

so what happens when they dont text you back. what do you do? or what can you do?

well, the answer is simple. nothing.

it doesnt mean nothing. what you thought it meant something?

hahah, then you are wasting your time waiting for a reply.. ahhahaha

ok, buy now you are probably thinking im a jerk right..

well, come on honey, its the truth, if you are waiting for some dude to text you back. it just means he aint texting you back cuz the hommie dont have time. i have other ideas as to why they are not texting you, here they are:

1. you dont like you
2. they are trying to avoid you
3. you make them upset
4. they hate you
5. they cant text
6. they dont have a phone with texting
7. they are so mean to figure out the complicating key patters to match with letters
8. they are playing hard to get (i do this - LOL!!)
9. you are ugly
10. they are with someone else and they dont have time to text you (i do this too - LOL!!)

so stop wasting your time waiting for that person to text you man.... why dont you text me.. i will text you back for sure... here's my cell phone: 1(653) 555-8912 but dont give it out or else im not going to text you either.

tell me something. why do you think this person is not texting you back?