well, if you are here reading my post, you are a guy waiting for someone to reply or text you back. this is what is happening to me.

so last night i went out with this really cute girl. we went bowling and stayed til 4am. but didnt seem too interested in the date. im not sure if she was just sleepy or something or maybe she was just shy or something. so anywayz, we were done bowling and i could tell she wasnt having a good time so i told her i would take her home. i dropped her off, no kiss no hug, just a handshake,, looser..

you might be thinking i am a loser already because i didnt make a move. well, to my defense, this is a really sweet girl, unlike the other i've gone out with. she a short asian girl and she is very sweet and well, i didnt want to risk it by making a move. maybe she wanted me to make a move, but whatever, its done. i can't do anything about it now.

so anywayz, for the last two weeks we've been texting each other and talking on the phone. she says i am this and that.. that i am amazing and nice.. blah blah blah..

today, i woke up late like at around 11am and i looked at my phone and she didnt text me to wish me a good morning. i thought that was weird, she usually says good morning. ok.. so i texted her back to wish her a good morning,

its been almost 2 hours and she hasnt text me back. she usually doesnt wait that long to text me. no now im thinking maybe she didnt like me and she wants to give me the cold shoulder and thinks that avoiding me she will get rid of me. all these thoughts are going though my mind right now as i write this.

my heart feels heavy. i miss her and i want her to text me back. atleast to tell me good morning back.. so i think something is wrong. she is avoiding me..

UPDATE: its 430pm. she did text me back. she told me she was sleeping.

so as you can see, you are probably just being anxious about her texting you and you are thinking the worst. just relax and be patient. focus on something else instead of watching the phone every minute.. dont play those games with yourself.

UPDATE: its 9pm and she texted me again. to say she has been busy all day

UPDATE: 11pm - i called her to wish her a goodnight, she didnt pickup my call. i text her, she didnt text me back.

im thinking she probably felt asleep early because last night we went out til 5am. so we'll see tomorrow.

i cant get this song out of my head

chicks are so mean. they dont care how guys feel. just when you starting to have feelings for them, they push you away.

why are chicks like this?

UPDATE: Fec 24 2013 - its been about two years since i went out with this girl, im totally over it, she got hooked up with some random dude and even had a kid. good for her, she deserve it