are you finding yourself thinking about him so much that its driving you crazy, every thought in your head belongs to him. the worst part is that he doesnt even deserve all the attention in your emotions because he doesnt care about you.

if this is happening to you too, then you know what i am talking about. i have tried so hard to stop thinking about him, but at the end i end up thinking more about him. its driving me crazy

so how can you stop thinking about him so much.. for me, i kept thinking about him because i had a song stuck in my mind which reminded me of him every time i would start to sing it. so what i did i started listening to another song which did not remind me of him. and it worked.

the idea here it to distract your mind from doing nothing. you need to keep yourself busy and you will see time will pass by without you thinking about him. and time is the key here. time heals all wounds.

now that i told you and i hope you learn something about me, please tell me your story, why do you think you can't get him out of your mind?