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Try This Quiz! This is a fun quiz to find out if the guy you like also likes you back. If you are curious whether or not he likes you the same way you like him, this quiz will predict your love with a few simple questions if he likes you or not.
Question 1. How old are you?
7-12 years
13-19 years
21-35 years
35 or Older
Question 2. Have you ever been in love before?
Question 3. How long do you know him?
I just met him
Less than one week
Less than 1 month
Less than 1 Year
Question 4. Are you friends with him?
No...not really
I dunno... kinda
Question 5. Does he talk to you?
We talk on the phone...
He emails me!
No we dont talk at all
He probably would... I just havent given him my email adress or number
He asked for my email adress and/or number before but i didnt give it to him
He emails me and we talk on the phone.
No... he only has my email, and he doesnt email me that much
Question 6. Does he...
play with your hair?
stare right into your eyes when you talking to you?
Is he mean to you?
do nothing...he acts the same around you as he does to everyone else?
look away when he sees you?
touch you?
simle at you?
not know your name?
has he kissed you?


i like a guy so much. he is the first thing that i think of when i get up in the morning, and the last thing i think about at night. i am homeschooled. i only see him at church on wednesdays and on sundays:(
i am 10 years old and i love skyler schmidt.i mean, we both have brunette hair, hazel eyes, a beautiful smile, we're both in 5th grade, both beautiful, but this quiz said he didn't like me! now, how is that possible?
i am 11 and like a guy in school although i cant get him out of my mind i know other things are more important than boys. schools starting soon and i think hes going to ask me out i don't know but i do know you shouldn't pay too much attention to boys they might talk to you but they can be deceving so don't think too much about them.
geez, i wish there were more questions... =_= the guy i like...ahhh...
i loveeeee ____ *mahh crush btw* <3<3<3<3<3
sophie is a dog, sophie is a dog sophie is a sophie is a sophie is a dog!

look my answers didnt match with yours ive known him since like forever and i really like him i've dated before but none of the guys ever really like me but i know that he does like me but i don't know what to do i always stare and him make # silly # and i mean # silly # excuses to touch him. i want to be his girlfriend really bad. i always think about him he's always on my mind when i recently broke up with a jerk he comferted me and i think he does like me but i'm not sure. we always hang together and he is super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm widow,41 with a 12 years old and i met a guy that he stare me about 5 months ago, but he still stare me and he didn't ask me anything....ug
i like this 1guy & so far in most of the quizzes i have taken its a yes
heyyyyy that quiz was a little to short.
i am in love with my crush and my friend likes him too.. she curses, hogs my phone, and is pretty inappropriate. she claims that he told her that he likes her, but i don't believe it. i think he likes me but i'm too young to ask him out and too shy to tell him i like him (note she told him she liked him). he is really cute and turned me into a tomboy in the first place. i'm really scared that if i don't tell him in the next 1-3 years, he'll have a girlfriend! what do i do?
:) i am totally in love!
i am totally in love my bf/crush :)
well i really liked this it was way fun to see what the results are
good :) - i'd recommend that you expand on your quizzes though
this quiz was really short
quite simple asian girl.. looking for a loving and loyal man.. and accepts me.. and ii am single..
idk i seriously dont no or care bout leaving a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ikr you is cool
its okay kinda helped me
hi i am isabella what r u doing i am awesome

well okay i really don't have anything to comment.
i just don't get it
i liked this boy for 8 years now and when we were young i used to go to his house everyday and i really like him how should i tell him??????
we liked each other for about a month and we kissed a few times but the kissing was way too much for me and i was uncomfortable with it so i talked to him about it and he stopped talking to me after that. its been about a month and he has another girl but sometimes i catch him starring at me.. is there any way i can get him back?!
well there is a chance that he likes u or maybe he is using u...try to talk it out. its the best way... :)
i hope that i can get an answer.
can i do the quiz now?
i like him but i am not sure anymore if likes me or not
no one likes meeee
i like him because he makes me feel so happy...i suffer from deppression and axiety and before i met him i was so down and very unhappy...but since ive met him im no longer soo unhappy..and i thank him so much for that:)
i love him i hope he loves me once i gave him advice on something and i don't see him that often but im sooo in love!!!!!!
i have found this quiz a little helpful. i really hope my answers will be positive.
i hope he likes me
i like this guy who is super cute, i sent him this picture and he rejected me. i have never felt so humiliated in my life. he asked me to send him a good picture of myself, so i did, and he ignored me. what is wrong with me?
i like a guy for his awesome jolly cute flirty personality :)
hey this was a very short quiz
I like him beacuse his eyes his hare and his smile
He's handsome, has beautiful hair, smart, different, settled, a mystery and driving me crazy. I think he's into me. Says he misses me at times and calls me baby?? But don't know whether to believe his words. Beginning dating stage.
I like him cause he's cute nice and I new him for years and just started talking to him and now I like him and I was flirting with him over text messages and had put hearts and I asked him do u c us as a couple and he said idk and I asked him is that a good sign or bad and he said idk but all my friends said that's a good sign
i know he likes me he just told me
He is SUPER smart. He has so much in common with me, the list is huge. We both love science, love soccer, both speak Spanish, both are from El Salvador (he's the only other person I have ever met outside of my family that is salvadorian) He is also SUPER funny and is really nice. He calls me "his salvadorian buddy" What's best is that he doesn't like anyone at the time and no one (that I know of) likes him which I don't see how it is possible that no one else likes him. We are really good friends though and I really like him
I like this guy named reis . He cute,funny,smart,and I known him senes first grade.but I don't think he likes me and my name is Kenzie
I like this boy because he is really funny, has a great personality, kind and #lovey.
because hes really nice and we have a lot in common and he likes me 4 who i am
I like him because he is cute and I think he likes me back.
I like him because he makes me feel beautiful. Special.
i like him because he makes me feel safe respected like im special
Yh not sure he loves me got to keep trying he is new to school so someone advise me
Actualy I don't knw. He was charming. Very nice to me, he danced with me, but i dont think he likes me anymore. I was going through somethings and I kind of used him as someone to talk to alot. I just hope I didn't scare him off. I ask what he wanted with me? He said he liked me but didn't want to rush. But I did text him alot, I going through alot and had no one to talk to. I seperated from my ex of 4 yrs and i have a baby. So when I met him I felt lost wasn't really into him at first. But I # silly #ly slept with him twice. I just don't knw Its been awhile sence I have dated anyone. Im a lil rusty lol..
I like this boy because he is something i am not used to. We went to high school together never spoke to each other, and we ended up going to the same college. He would say high to me and smile but i still didn't pay him any attention until the end of the school year. we hung out, i would catch him staring at me and he told my friends some things that he liked about me. And then we kissed. But now that we're back home we've talked only once and tried to hangout but its me texting him. so i'm confused if he still feel the same way about me anymore...
I like this boy because he's sooooooo sweet to everyone and he honestly cares about people! He's cute too i think he likes me but im not positive but ive heard him talk about asking me out before and he always flirts and we are SO comfortable around each other!
i really like him. hes so funny nice and popular
He's so wonderful and stares into my eyes every time we talk. Sometimes I catch him staring at me! The problem is he's 9 yrs. older... :(
I hope it will work out...
He has a great sense of humor and seems like he would be a really good friend. He seems to be interested in the same things as me and I see him everywere. He also stares at me a lot.
he likes everything I like and he is always talking to me
I like this guy Cory ,he stares and winks at me. If I talk to other guys he gets jealous.
I think he likes me I've taken 16 quizzes and they all say he likes me!
Well i was clueless about boy kind untill know who knew that boys were simpler than they appear i have been out with him before and well yes we both know we like each other we both let it slip before and there was one unfogivibal thing went out with one of mu best mates she is young and clueless and i was forced to break it up we were all victems of a love war i know he loves me but betrayll isnt fair
I like him for..... i dunno. i tink he is funny and charming when he joke wif other ppl and me
Because hes cute & sweet. He really makes my day with his joke & whenever I'm around him i feel genuinely happy.
i like this person because he is just everything he is caring and takes interest into me and understands and doesn't hate girls unless there really horrible to them he is not hurtful hes just gorgeous and hot and he talks to me like he likes me but I don't know if he feels the dame way x
I just like him because he can be himself around me! He's one of the nicest people I've ever met! He shows respect to everyone, but has this little bad ass, cocky side of him. I just have strong feelings for him! <3
I like him because I feel like I can be myself around him, when I liked other boys I get nervous but with him I'm normal lol. He always hugs me so tight when we see each other and I don't want to let go sometimes I think if no one was around we would hug for hours. I really like him but I don't know how to tell him, and we see each other almost every sun. At church and I get excited because I can't wait to hug him after church! I've had the chance to really be alone with him but I missed it. I also think about him all the time and wonder what it would be like if we dated or I told him that I liked him.
I don't really like him, I just think that he likes me. He stares at me and he doesn't even know me. I don't really think that he is yet matured.
I love this boy and I love him
I think he is cute and nice and funny and a nice friend. I just don't want to make the first move.
I like this one boy because he is funny andhot and he always meies me laugh .
i like him because he cute and hot and every day i think about him and i keep dreaming about him.
he is sweet and we play around a lot and call each oter babe and he says im his girlfriend and that he loves me and he holds my hand and walks me to class
his smile his eyes everything
im 10 and i know im not in love i just really like this person and hes got everything in a boy that i like blue eyes honest dosent care what others think but it makes me want to cry because he likes someone else i was # silly # to ask him out
I like this guy bcaz he sweet n funny. He likes to joke around a lot to. I liked him for almost a year now but his parents was divorce so he moves back n forth with them.n they live n different city. But he's been gone n I still got feelings g for him. When he was here the other day he made.Me fell like I was cool enough to talk to him.he made me feel special bcaz he could have done some else with his time. N his cuz wanted to go n but he did everything he could to stay out side. N his lil sis said he likes me n that made me happy
funny, sweet, cute, pretends to be dumb around me, and a slight chance he likes me
He is the only person that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time . I love the way he smiles at me and I sometimes catch him staring at me. I like him a lot and I took the first step in telling him that I like him. Big I get nervous around him a lot . I just wish he would ask me out already . What should I do?
Because he is nice sweet funny and charming but the only problem is he is in 6th grade and im in 8th grade and not very many people like him. he had a girlfriend but then suprisengly when i was gana go over to my uncles one week he told me by the way his name is cj that he broke up with his girl then he asked me who i liked and i said 1 person but i didnt say the other becuase it was him and it would be awkward. i dont know what to do... he is white and im mexican indian and white.
I really only like this boy because I dont think he likes me. It's like I want something I know I can't have. It's more like puppy love though. I'm into the jerk type and that's him. He's mean to me but I'm getting this flirty feeling from him. He might be shy.
Idk really know why I like him but I do!!!hes everything to me but he does not know.
I like him because I can be myself I could trust him I tell him everything he doesn't act like a # private # and accepts me for who I am I have loved him for seven years now and I can't let go he is really close to the family and won't date me because of it. On top of all that he is a hottie with a six pack!!!
I really like this guy. I've known him for more than a year now. He understands me, and we laugh a lot.
I just want to eat with him, and play video games with him, and walk in the rain with him, and pig out with him, and gossip with him, and wear his sweater while he freezes, and... YA KNOW. I just love him and I can't do anything about it. No classes together. :/
i like this boy because he is hot funny nice and he is nice to me and we have some things in common so thats why i like him
I like this guy because he's all I wanted in a guy
I really like this boy, does he like me back
Holy crap....! I just do. He is funny and nice and cute and always talks to me and has kissed me (one time he dared me to kiss him). And whenever I'm near him i get butterflys and sumtimes when he compliments me or touches my hand or arm i blush. 12 imsy be too young to be in LOVE, but it is not to young to have a crush or really really like sum1. so there.
i like him because he makes me feel good and when people are beening mean to me (which is like every second of my life) he cheers me up
I like this guy because i can be myself around him. He makes me laugh and smile at all times . I am also very comfortable with him and i feel i can tell him anythig. He is also nice, dorky,cute, and his smile is gorgeous.
I like him because he's special. I want to experience life with him. I can many things from him and I want you.
I really like this guy, have done since i met him a year and a half ago. It will never happen :'( :'( tried to get over him, but NO :( xx
I like him alot he gave me his jumper when I was cold.he listen to my personal conversation, hugged me for a long time two times in one day and he walked with me so nothing happens to me <3
i love him because he's SO cute. Im thinking he likes because he said to me "if i liked you, what would be your reaction"

And a week later i asked him out and he said yes. i started jumping up and down. His kisses are romantic
He seems nice n cool ii wish one day he'll ask me. Out soon
he is very good he is very understanding i just love him
hi so I took your quiz and to answer your question I wanted to say that I like him because he do some things I love most in this life.
1. He is drawing. Really really good.
2. He loves music. He is listening to it all the time.
3. It is not importand but anyway I love his eyes, hair and lips.
4. He loves saying my fave phrase. Well he doesn't know that this phrase is my fave but anyway.
5. He has a sweet attitude towards girls, but he is kinda emo, prankster and player.
6. He really sees the bright side of me. And notice the person I really am.
I like him beacause he is funny smart intelligent sweet always has a smile on his face frendily to everybody he meetshescaring lovingand hes hottt!!!
his personality sweeps me off my feet.
he makes me have dreams about him and me.
i sometimes imagine he is there even if hes not.
i think of him all day and night even when i am going to sleep and when i wake up sometimes because i am thinking of him so much it wakes me up.
He's my best guy friend. He understands me more than anyone else. He's sweet, caring, funny, shares the same interest as me, and.. I don't know. I just know that I like him, and that's it. I don't know why either. :/
He's funny sweet sometimes he is touchy he will put his arm around me even though we arent dating he says he likes me but that was about 2 weeks ago and he seems like hes losing instrest in me.
I love Irving i love him love love
i dont really know why i like him i guess because he is a really nice guy but at the begining he used to text me all the time and then he stop, i think i was rushing him into seeing me all the time, now we dont talk as much how can i get to like me back like he did before? or is he never going to ask me out again? please help, i really like this guy.....
I like he because he is sweet,funny,and kind. He is such a gentleman and we play a lot.
I've known him forever and he flirts with literally everyone, but when he's dating, he automatically rushed into the whole "I love you so much" thing... He's dating now, and I'm happy for him... He's soooo sweet and he's pretty much exactly like me! He LOVES hugs!!! :D If I were to be crying in school and needed a hug (I owe him three from poke wars) whether we were dating or not, he would hug me and ask what was wrong... :) <3 :3
At the began his always talk to me and play with me and i am not sure because he doesn't do that anymore
He has a great smile and he's really nice and sweet and athletic I get a weird feeling in my chest when I'm around him he's got amazing brown eyes he's super funny too also he talks to me a lot and I like his hair
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