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this is a fun quiz to find out if the guy you like is a player or not. This short quiz will try to give you information about a guy you think might be a player but you are not sure, if you want to find out, take this simple quiz
ok, to get this player, all you have to do is be a player yourself, how? well, you have to play hard to get. guys who are players are not easy to trap because they know they have other options or other 'toys' as they call them, so they aint gonna waist your time with you if you dont show them you are interesting.

the best way to get their attention is to show them you are smart, players love girls who are smart because they love the challenge, so make him challenge you and all that time while he is being challenged he will spend more time with you and will get to know you more, the more time you spend together, the more closer he gets to you if you want make a guy who you think its a player, i have created this simple quiz to show you if this guy is playing with you and how you can make him yours, its not going to be easy but its possible.

tell me as much as you can about him and what you like about him so i can determine what your best answer is the more information you give, the more this little fun quiz will be able to tell you how you can trap that playa!


Choose the best description:

- He is older than me
- He is younger than me
- He is a player and proud of it
- He is a player but the doesnt admit to it
- I dont mind if he has other girls
Icn't understant him im cnfuse dose he like me or jst playing around with me.
im getting my fruit snack and he pops up and says sup and kiss me on the head and my friend macy and hes talking to her all cool and yeah im getting my make p on then he looks ant me and here.. No when he comes over i dont talk to him at all. y do i have to be so CUTE!!!!!
all guys are the same .. bastards.
men are worst than kids seriously whats the deal with men why must they have the cake and eat it too
so theirs this guy at my new school and we've been flirting for like 2 weeks and its been AMAZING he always tells me he thinks I'm like super cute and lovey. All my my friends have told me not to fall for him bc he's such player and he has a rep of moving from one girl to another really fast. Today he did just that. Usually he talks to me non- stop and we flirt the whole day, but today he didn't say one word to me at all and acted extremely awkward, he acted as if i didn't exist! WTF do i do!!
There's this guy at my school that I really like. I've liked him for at least a year now but he's a huge player. We were looking through my yearbook last year and he pointed out all the girls that he's dated- about 12 girls that are two grades above him, 21 girls that are one grade above him, and only one girl in his grade. He gave me a nickname last year and still calls me by it whenever he talks to me. And during the one class we have together, he'll stare at me and when I look at him, he doesn't look away (but he doesn't smile or anything either). I really wish he liked me but I know he has a big crush on this girl that's in all my classes. They talk all the time and he hugs her a lot. But her boyfriend gets mad at the guy and constantly threatens to beat him up if he doesn't back off.
He's a player - but i'll change that . Ima player , i'll never change that ! hahahahah ! #shownoLOVE!
i think that he is a player but docent want to admit he's cheat in when he docent want to be with you in public. he is cheating when he docent admit to you and his relationship
i think that a player can change at any time it depends on his level of playing
Because he dates ebery girl thats LOVEY enough uses them then breaks up with them cause he gets tired of them, he likes hot lovey skinny girls, i am the opposite and i have never like gotten the guy i liked so i am going to try and make this happen please help me
So like on the 25 of august we were playing an away match soo they dared us to kiss so we did and he later moved his seat and saw i was uncomfortable and there was no seats so he said i should come sit on top of his lap(he tried to put his hands around my waist but he knew i was not that type of girl so he stopped) and it was an awkard ride ever since then so the next day i told my friend and she said that he made a status sayin "could this be love" and she thought it was me so i denided it so after school my friend goes to him and talks about wat happend the day before and he was smiling wen she asked him that she heard that we kissed...After that my BFF said he was looking for me and hugged me before i went home.So another inccedent is that wen we were in the corridoors at break we caught up and put his arm around my shoulder and talked all the way to the lockers and i was wearing these neerdy glasses and wen i tolk them off he compliemented me wen i knew he was lying cause i looked like a total nerd(cause every1 said that)...after that i played hard to get and it worked like pretending to pass him and not see him then he would come over to me and he would hug me and hold my hand.Then i finally had the guts to tell him that i have feeling for him and he also admitted to that and said lets take it slow and get to know each other.the next time i saw him during changing class and i hugged him for long "and said he does not want to let go" after that it whent down hill.One break i saw him playing with this other girl in a very touchy manner and he saw i was not happy and he told my best guy friend that he feels bad i wants to talk to me,so after school cam and i was talkin to a friend and i waved at him and i looked like he wanted to go some where with me but i was not sure.I ever since that day i dont talk to him but our eyes will still meet and once he strooked my cheek and i pulled a fake smile and i think he saw it and his kinda with that girl but everyone says she has a boyfriend but that girl is also playing him.I i swore that of he ever came back i would say NO to him the problem is that i WANT TO KNOW WHY HE DID IT..I ENDED THIS BEFORE IT TURNED BAD but their is a connection between us and we both can feel it(but im the type of girl who does not take Sh!t and that day he was doing wat so ever wit that girl i called it quits).
i know exactly how yhu feel im in the same situation =P
okay so i met this really cute guy and started texting him and i said i kinda like him and he said he liked me too he also said he wanted to kiss me the next time i saw him!! then i found out he was talking to my cousin too and they were talking about first kisses so i asked him if he really wanted to kiss me and told him i knew what he said to my cousin! he said he was just joking! and said we were friends with benifits!! so then he didnt text me at all the next day and didnt seem interested at all! he has done more too like when i met him he would be kinda like spooning me but then he would go do it too my friends too! and he made he REALLY LIKE him! would you consider this a player?!
what a # love #ing dosh somone did the same thing to me and my bff kick his ass
How do I get him to love me!?
so back when I was in college I met this cute guy he is the cool handsome guy in our class of course I had a crush on him. that's why every time I go to class I make sure that I'm pretty so he can notice me.but sad to say it doesn't happened that time.but after 5 years I received an email from him (shucks it made me blush)he want to meet up.,At first I was trying to be hard to get so his txting me asking my friends.that time I felt so happy.weeks past I decided to go meet up with him.and he is really sweet saying that he have a crush on me a longtime.,After that date he ask me if we can be together and I said yes. days past he's okay but one day hes asking me to go to his apartment and I refused cause I know what will happened.After that everything changes he stop txting, calling the communication just stop. I know what I did is right its just that I already fall in love with this guy.
I met this guy drunk last weekened and we kissed etc and we've been talking for the past week. This saturday i saw him, he was sober but i was quite badly drunk. He was being nice to me, he gave me one of his fags (he never gives them away) and bought me water, but i had met this girl who he had had love with and then not spoken to her again. She was so heartbroken and told me that she didn't want the same to happen to me. I told him about this, and he denied most of it, saying that he just wasn't "looking for a relationship" and only sees me "as a friend". I have already cried over this guy that i hardly even know so many times, but i don't want to stop speaking to him. Everyone i spoke to last night who knew him said he was a player. All his friends, everyone who knew him. I just don't know what to do.
okay so i am in high school and there is a guy who is one year older than me. i had a crush on him but left it alone because i thought it would never happen and he seemed more interested on my other friends.But last night at Pigskin, he grinded with me twice and when a slow song came on, he asked me to dance. we never really talked that much before, but at the end of the song he kissed me. with in like 5 minutes it seemed like everyone in the entire dance knew we kissed. he never danced wiht me after that and i found out later that later he made out with my good friend who knew that he kissed me. i wasn't really mad, but i am kind of confused, he Kissed me first, even though he danced with that good friend twice before me. i know he's a player, but i really think that he might be interested on me... Am i crazy? how do i get him to really like me?
okayy so there's this guy that i think is really attractive and i like him... ive been told he's a player by a lot of people, but one of his closest friends here at college says he's a really nice guy. the guy i find attractive got really mad when he heard people called him a player and he said he's never cheated on anyone in his life. we've kissed a couple of times and i never see him hanging out much with other girls... so im not really sure what to do here cuz i really like the guy, and i dont want to get played. i have a feeling that after all the stuff ive been through i wouldnt really care as much if he did tho, but id prefer to not find out.
he is a celebrity...girls die for him
i like this guy. and i can tell hes a player. always has girls texting and calling him. and i was joking around with him one day and pretty much called him a player. and he said he was with such reasurance. hes very different, doesnt take much bull from anyone, doesnt start nor get into drama, hes calm, artistic, and just fun to be around. hes also 8 years older than me. haha me and him have been affectionate but i dont know if its just him playing me or if he actually likes me.... what do you think?
i luv a guy.he is 1 year younger dn he luv another hasnt said her.i 2ld him dt i luv u and i can prove dnt knw hw 2 prove it.
He's hot, a perv and an epic player but he sincerly loves me... which is suprising
hes a love bomb
i reallly like like this guy and i told him and he said he like me 2. we went out together ect.... one day we wer txting and i told him i miss him and his wtf and it actually really wired cuz usually he never ever say thing like this to me and i thing his cheeting on me cuz he only swear to someone when he is bored of them or dont like them do you think his a player
He is soo lovey.. and he knows it!! This is a small area and people talk. He doesn't know it but I met two other girls who he messed with. They told me word for word the things he said to them. Surprisingly he said the same exact words to me. He made me feel special...but now I know it was all a part of his game. Sorry boy, you are cute and I may get a tingly feeling around you that I dont feel with no other. You make me feel like a young girl in love. But this time I will fight the feeling. I will listen to my head and play it smart. Im not trying to be another notch on his belt!!!
He told me that ..he keeps telling me that he wants this girls for alot of stuff and it doesn't include loving her....i wanna be the girl he falls for when everyone else is falling for you.
he came to visit me at work today, with his friends. They had a few drinks, but there are nights where he will act like he wants to hang out, and do something with his friends instead
He is a basketball player and Is very careful with his words. He has this ingratiating aurora about him and he'll fill your head up. He still messes around with his ex but he tells me he wants me and is ex is just very aggressive.
have you ever try to say to him i love you? and if you have not try to say it to him but if he is a player he is not worth it you can be a pritty girl and any guy would be luckey with you
love you so mush
We're very close and he says he's my best friend and he loves me but when ever we chat online he asks if he can see me and if I can take off my clothes.
I did that one time because he kept begging for it and after that he kept asking again but he saw how reluctant I was and he doesn't ask anymore. Then one time I was feeling hot and told him I wanted to take my clothes off and he looked really guilty watching me so I think he must have been watching other girls too.???
He likes to hook up (waist up) and is full of adorable compliments, but refuses to commit to me because he says he never plans his actions. He's broken a lot of hearts and has admitted that he enjoys "exploiting" my feelings for him. He likes for us to take our shirts off on Skype and is fully willing to beg me for it every night.
So im 18 and he's 24. he has tried to talk to me multiple times but i never gave him the time of the day because i knew there was no future but one day i just thought "hey, why not" I went on a date with him and he completely proved me wrong, we've been cool ever since. the only thing that gets me mad is that he has a lot of groupies/hoes and Idk if he leads them on to act that way towards him. He lets me go through his phone, and he doesn't delete a thing so Idk what to believe..
ummmmmmm he's player and he's proud of it i don't know why but he's really nice and funny and i really really like him so!!!! it's hard to leave him you know!!!!
he has it with all the girls and he he as like 8 girl friends and then EVERY ONE WANTS HIM AND HE IS A BAD ASS TYPE
Alright, I been dating this guy for 19 months off and on although the break up neva lasted longer than a week. So I know that I am in love with him and after we broke up while we are still living together we got back together. He then dumps me bc I talk to a guy that i was talking to before when we were broken up. I have not been affectionate at all with the man who claims to want to be with me. Although I was single it seemed to cause this chaos and Im still trying to win the one I love back since hes been packing n threatening to move out. I was suppose to delete the second man from my FB so I was about to until I seen that my ex was planning a trip to go meet a girl he talked to online for 2 days and claimed to his buddy he was falling for her. He denied before i seen evidence of talking to any other gals making me feel guilty for talking to the second man with an interest in me. I have been financially supporting him and he does not have a job. He insists on leaving instead of trying to work things out. Is ex bf playing me? Now another question Mr. Second guy who i spoke to while being single is older than me and knows my parents he claims to had known me when I was a child etc. he says he has an interest in me so while I was broken up with my ex I went to the same bar as mr. second man and I did not go for him but at the same time my first impression of him was he was dirty dancing with any woman in the bar right before my eyes. Now following day we chatted on FB and he said he wont do that anymore since it had bothered me. Do you think he will only stop dancing dirty with females is only if I am there? Then keeping doing it if I arent there? Idk I do know that there is also something fishy bout my cuz and him he always says he dont want to start trouble for her when I ask if they slept together he always says he dont want probs so I told him that means yes u just dont want her bf to know but he denies doing things with her, although she takes him coffee to his job and blames it on her kids that they wanted her to take mr. likeable coffee. She is the one when I posted on FB that I was single who asked me to add mr. second man on my FB and thats where probs got started she said hes nice etc. then once i became hooked on interest she ran her mouth bout him like she was jealous idk but really would love to know if mr. second man n my cuz has sumthin going on to the point where they are trying to use me as there cover up?
Hm, so it all started when I met him two years ago. I had a crush on him because I had a thing for guys like him, but it didn't last very long because he's a manwhore and he doesn't exactly have the most pleasing personality. Over time, in the back of my mind, I still liked him. It annoyed me whenever I saw him with one of my co-workers. I really wanted to be his friend, but we never became good friends. A couple of months ago, we worked together again and he and I started becoming closer because for some reason, he and I talked more. Then, the next month, we talked even more and he became a good friend of mine; someone I actually trusted. He would even get jealous when I talked about and to this other guy. He and I would text each other constantly. We began treating each other differently and became more affectionate with one another and the texts would be more flirty and stuff. It got to the point where we would see each other everyday, and if we didn't, we would just text each other. Finally, we went out, just the two of us. After that, even at work, he and I would just sit there and stare at one another or talk, he'd hug me and kiss me around the face and neck, and hold my hand. Finally, he told me he loved me. Not in person, but it was fine. But I'm scared. I know his reputation. I don't want to end up as just another one of his girls. I want to be the girl that changes the way he is. Even he told me that I don't deserve to be hurt by a bastard like him, he doesn't want to lose me even after everything that could happen to us. Sometimes, I wish he didn't tell me. Still, he wanted to tell me because he didn't want it, whatever it was between us, to just lie there unnoticed. And now, we are what we are. He loves me, and I love him. We fell, and now we could crash and burn. Another problem is, I want there to be something more but he doesn't want to because like I said, he's afraid to lose me. We've talked about it, but I still have so many questions to ask. I'm expecting pain, too. I've accepted the fact that if he does leave me, he is how he is and I guess I wasn't the lucky one to change him. What do I do? I really do love him. I have for the longest time. Things feel different when I'm with him. He and I make each other happy. But right now, I don't know what to do anymore.
i love this thank you now i can make a guy love me his name is sam prrr hes so so so very hot and cute and lovey so i have to say thank you so so very much becuse i love him thank you hes mine now and nothing can stop me thank you
Well this guy is younger than me , Basically he has multiple girlfriends he kisses them & ect when I'm supposedly his girlfriend ; it really doesn't bother him that his player & hoes around all the time , I just don't know what to do at this point I prove myself to him all the time that I love and want to be with him , and he says he is going to change his ways but never does :/ ..
He is older than me and has 3 kids already. Sveral phone calls come through while we are together and he answers them and pretend nothing happens... He buys condoms and I find them used everytime I visit him and when I ask him, he finds a very good answer to calm me down. I know he is a player and I want to pin him down... How can I do that?
this is silly!!!!!!!!!
this is silly n oh i think he's a player cos he talks to me alot and he talks sweet and plays mr nice guy
okay so basically, me and this amazingly beautiful guy went out. everyone told me he was a player and he was close to one of my friends who then told me he had changed and to give it a try. but then i went away from summer only to come back hearing stories that he was tryna get other girls and we agreed to end it. we spoke a while after that but then we stopped. and aftew days ago he came to see me and we kissed. he told me h missed me and stuff like that. i know hes a player but hes just so charming. i always have to start the convasation with him and even so he doesnt make any effort with me. he asked me would i do stuff with him and i said no and ever since then he seems off with me. i dont know what to do cause i really dont want him to leave...
Ok let's begin I like this boy who's a player. He's friend of my best friend and she introduced him to me in a double date (she was with his best friend and I was with him). I didn't like him at all that day but he acted like he was interested in me and after the date he asked my friend for my phone number and he called me. After a while i start feeling things for him and he but then he stopped calling me and I looked for him but my friend told me he was interested in other girl so I tried to move on and i did or that was what i think because a few weeks ago i saw him again and he was with some girls(5) so i acted like i didn't see him but he saw me and went to me and we started talking but he started hugging me and kissing me in my neck so i stopped him and he told that he "love" me but my friend tell me everyday that he is not good at all and he likes every girl in his way. What should i do? i really REALLY like him and i want to get him to fall for me
So this guy has been in my life for almost 6 months. He says he wants to be single because he wants different "private". Well in the 6 months that we have been "friends" he has only been wit one other girl. yes he messes around with, but the point is he usually has a lot at one time. He even goes to clubs and meet girls, but now he is with me 24/7. I see him just about everyday. He comes over to my house about 4 days a week and I go to his about twice. He still tells me that he don't know what the future holds, but he is not throwing out the idea of me and him being together. I have never been in this type of situation. I told him the other day that I cook, give him foot and back rubs, wash his jeep sometimes. Not b/c he told me but I want too. Also I am bi curious, and I asked him, what is a better way to do all you want and have fun then dating a bi girl. he was like you are right. So I dont understand what he is waiting so long, and why he keeps telling me that he don't want to loose me and he wants to me love him and fight for him. It just gets old when idk what is going on!
I dont think your quiz is very good.. it only asks you one question which i already know the answer to! Anyway i want to know more... The boy i like is 3 months younger and i have known him since i was 4! we are now in high school together but i dont talk to him as much as he has his clicks and i have mine! But i am in love with him and i cant stop thinkin bout him even when i try... Hes been out with quite a lot of girls and is goin out with someone in the year below now! He is so nice tho, and we talk on facebook but i dont think he sees me than anythin more than a friend. Please help me, coz going out with other guys and playin hard to get jst doesnt seem to bother him! Hes so blind! Thanks x
I don't mine if he got other girls but wen he kissing. Her in my face I don't like dat an I just wont to give up on him but I am deep in love wit him
he's in 6th grade and i'm in 8th but im in love with him. I started liking him when he was a nobody little nerdy 6th grader and I talked to him and but then he got really popular and is this little player with almost every girl in school all over him but i'm 110 percent sure and so are my friends that noone has the feelings that I have for him. it's crazy how much i've grwon to like him. There are only 10 days of school left before I leave for high school. He has a clue that I like him because alot of epole know and some have told him. I regret so much everyday i think about that if I would have kept talking to him I could be his friend now and at least be getting his hug. this makes me want to cry. </3
So there's this gorgeous guy. Propably the best looking lad EVER. Dear lord, and he's the best friend of my girlfriends boyfriend. At first he tried to hook up with me, but i played hard to get and didnt hook up with him that night. Oh well the next time i met him we got drunk and i ended up sleeping with him, i kinda killed him the bed lol weird to say so.. but yeah. I know he's been around with alot of girls as he has said himself. He want to get together again with me, but i've let me on as busy. But i would like to sleep with him again. I haven't been able to get my mind off him!! BAH, so im kinda scared i would like something more. I cant figure out if i genuinely like him or its just the looks or he's a bad boy. I dont know what to do, how can i now all of a sudden make this into something more then sleeping together..Becau he propably just looks at me as a lovetoy..
Well he's going into 8th grade,plays basketball,football,and skatebords.We dated before like 2 1/2 months ago.After we broke up he started acting different like he was a big shot and could get any girl.He started dating this girl 2 days after then he broke up with her then date another and then another and another etc. But after about 3 weeks and 2 days we started haging out.When we did he changed he wasnt act the way he did when we broke up.But then i went on vication an when i got back he was acting like a player again but he told me that he likes me and only me. He waould fill yourhead up with compelments and say you are very importian to him and everything.He knows all the right words to say to get you and i believed him.Then afer a week or two i found out he had a girlfriend,made out with one of my best friends,and he also had a thing with another chick.What i like about him is his eyes, his smile,hair,how funny he is,and just everyting.And i dont just wanna be anothr girl in his life i wanna be the girl in his life, the one and only.
I think hes a player cud he told me he loves me and he asked me out but befog I could answer him he started dating some one else :(
jake is a big time player, he think just because he is handsome he can play with your feelings.

do you guys think he is cute?
not really. he's alright.
well there is this guy hes 2yrs younger than me I think he likes me but my cousin warned me about him says his a player and that hes had problems with him caz of a girl and heard him say that he has new friends refering to my girl friends and I and that one is gana fall but he acts so shy and sweet around me he those use some very lame lines on me I dont know is he a playing with me or those he realy likes me. well he hardly txts me and when I gave him my number he txt me days later and when didn answer my txt when i txtd him back and then ignored me for most of the day in the group we both are but then came to me as we ened the group meeting my frind say he likes me but he hardly txts me and when he those he takes forever to answer me back
thank you doctor antogaispelltemple - at - Yahoo! for helping me to get back my love i really appreciate you for your help
My boyfriend was perfect the first two dates. The he started being shady when we got to the park by his house. He would put his hood up and he wouldn't be affectionate. And he's always texting on his phone. Not to mention he only hits me up every 2 days
Thank you ancientijebudespelltemple - at - Google for getting my ex back to me within three days
Well the reason why I think that my boyfriend is a player is because he has been caught plenty of times loveing or playing around with other girls behinde my back. in the beginning of our relationship he was great no cheating or flirting with other girls, but he say coz i spoke to my ex boyfriend on tha fone when he told me not to that changed him alot. yes i admit i did but after he almost bmeet up with some girl he liked thinking that idnk but i found out and yeah i spoke to my ex we are only friends now nothing more. but my boyfriend is the jealous type and wants me to himself but he wants to do what he wants to do and keep me as his main ...... i konw he loves me but something just aint right and i dont understand it at all. im thinking that mabe I let him do him coz hes still young and thats in a boys nature to be a little hoe at some point in there life and mabe one day he gone straighten up uma do me he gone do him but im waiting on him to get right am i doing thee right thing. p.s he told me that one day i might be his wife but at the moment he's not ready. soooooo please give me some advice on what to do and what he is probally thinking. plus e-mail me sometimes
ok so , he is 35 and I am 21 and i like him alot , everybody tells me hes a player, and has a reputation and i should stay away from him, he always goes around me and scares me behinde my back and makes me laugh and he always stares deep into my eyes and he never looks away, and he always flirts with me and wants me to notice him, he told me to giv him a kiss, but i said no, he did that twice and still didnt give up, do you thin hes a player?i dont know what shoud i do? how shoud i act around him? should i stay away or? help please :/
Im 19 and hes 28 I hav a crush on my neighbour but he plays hard to get and I know that he likes me ,I'm chasing him...I don't know what to do ...I started losing interest
well, he goes to my school and hes flirting every girl / he asked me out and we had thing and then again it stoppd and the again we started again. but i really like him, even ought he is a player and all/
we met though a social network and talked a lot, he seemed like a nice guy, then we dated. he was nice and all at the beginning but later he started to try and hug me and kiss me but i refrained. and slowly we started to have fights and i found out that he was also seeing someone else, so i felt cheated and i decided to let go of him. we had a huge fight about that too. it's been about a week or two, but i still can't seem to forget about him completely. i guess i really liked him. and i'm sort of confused as to what really happened between us. plz help clear my confusion. was he just playing with me? if so how can u tell?
i think i ma in love with a guy!!!;( i know him almost 3 years,just his name,nothing else.i never thought about him. 2 weeks now i saw him in a club he is working and simething touched my heart....GOD.... i am thinkink all the time about him. i like him so much,his style his atittude everything..what can i do to like me back???
So this guy at my school his name is Jessie and he told me he likes me but I never told him I like him but I want to so bad! He's a player because he went on Facebook on my iPod and I see him message girls saying your cute but never I like you or I want to kiss you like he does with me.hes the " swag " kinda dude
so i met this guy who was cousin with a guy i had a thing with and well when i met him i fell inlove with him and yeah but his a player like bad. he just gets girls and doesnt care about any of them i think including me so yeah girls dont fall for a guy who is a player you'll just waist your time. but anyways i dont regreat it because i know he felt something for me too(:
thanks i love you so much but like a fan love is magic don't you think .
i met him online he just talking about # s e x , hes not give me his phone number , hes not contact me first and when i send message he take long time to respond , he dosnt ask me about my life ,im he ask me about if we can # s e x i told him if i want yes but i dont think so , im try play hard with him , 2 weeks without contact but he dosnt care , i contact him again ask him question hes ignored me then sent him other one till him if your not answer that mean you dont want contact you again , hes answer too short message , yesterday i sent him email how im so confused if he consider me a friend or not and i feel im start bother him , and he has my email if he like he can contact me , and best wishes in his life .
do you think he will contact ?
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