I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

What Is Your Favorite Song?
shut up and dance
the cave- mumford and sons
worth it
from this moment on
vampires will never hurt you by my chemical romance
bad blood
i still
you belong with me
take me to church
every night in my dreams-titanic
mortaza pashay
blank spaces taylor swift
is your love
love story
blank space
some kind of wonderful
dear no one
so not my baby
i love all songs from todays music
earned it - the weeknd
ciara- i bet
leave out all the rest
Have You Ever Spoken To Him In Person?
life of the party -shawn mendes
gnash i hate you i love you
love you like that
i dunno man
sanam re
dancing queen
Has He Ever Told You That He Loves You?
kind friendly
Does He Call You Often To Ask How You Are Doing?
How Do You Think He Would Respond If You Told Him That You Loved Him?
he reacts toooooooooo happy
he says me too
i love you
he would maybe looks at me and smile
smile and kinda blush
no idea
he accepts it
suprised,bushland might fill th same way
what? we just met
he would be confused or say he still loves me
i dont
freak out
blush run away
i love you too. i actually liked you since first grade.
he would smile and say ok
indifferent or frozen
Do You Honestly Believe That He Loves You?
he would be worried
may be he dont like me
strong helping confident single want to remain single loyal to parents n to the one i care most
um are you sure? / are u serious?
he will be happy and will respond same
i love you too!
What Would Be His Reaction If You Were To Stare At Him?
ignore it or smile shyly
he would wave
well i did one time and he smiled and looked away
he would smile
he would look away
he would stare back
stare back at me
he would blush
i am not sure
just look back
look away
keep look eachother
look away and again look at me
stare back
look back
smile and wink
he would start to smile
he would star back
stare at me in a nice way and smile
may be shy
probably stare back
stare into my eyes
What Is Your Relationship Status Right Now?
i am already in a relationship with someone else.. but getting attracted to the other guy
good friends
single, not ready to mingle
in a marriage that is at its end
not sure..
Does He Know Your Name?
he likes me
business colleagues
Where Did You First Met Him?
at school through a friend
in bus
at school
last year at school, when i used to talk to his bestfriend because one of my friends like him
in gym class
in class
at the gym
swim practice
at a cafe
at school when he came in gr 5 and my mom and his mom are soso
laѕт year ι ѕaт neхт тo нιм
in reading class
write your answer
the first day of 1st grade
How Old Is He?
about 15
my age ten
not sure.
10 i am 10
my age
mid thirties
36 years old
Describe His Personality
really nice and super funny
adorable, quirky, classy, cute, etc.
funny cute smart
handsome and smart
confident and respectful and introvert
funny nice bad boy and cheeky
smart, polite, funny, and charming
confident, introverted, talkative, musical
funny,cute,athletic,sweet & amazing
quiet, quirky, funny, smart, cute
he is a gentlemnt
payed back
funny,shy,kind,mean,naugh eyes,hot
funny and playful
funny,joking around,manly, sarcastic
shy. quiet
bad #behind# funny
nice, funny, confident....
good-looking,kind hearted,sweet,jolly and shy
If You Talk To Him Ever, What Do You Talk To Him About. (if You Don't Talk To Him, Just Enter 'none' And Please Dont Say Random Stuff. Be Creative)
our likes/what we do, my kids
just saying "hello and how was your day?
meeting up at the gym, helping each other with school work, basketball, track, and volleyball
general things
homework or classes
i would ask him how are you doing and could we hang out sometimes
his sporting stuff and just about stuff
about other girls clothes and why they remind him of boxers, drawing, friends, grades
talk about life
regular stuff and sharing thoughts
about school stuff
school stuff
things about school or about our friends
we talked about random things because were embarasses in each other
school i guess
he sometimes asks me where to find stuff.
random stuff
Does He Have Your Number?
if i want help
we talk about funny things and we also talk about school. and sometimes we talk about ourselves
we will talk about meeting session but only for some study purpose where he is going to teach me something
Have You Ever Had A Dream About Him? If So, Tell Me Something About The Dream. If You Havent Dream About Him, Tell Me What Sort Of Dream You Would Like To Dream About Him?
dating him
i dreamed about #love- with him and a real relationship.
i would have adream of our freindship
he would be my future
we kissed
ive dreamt that he was a friend or we were dating and it was just cute
we kissed
i dreamed many times of him and in my dreams were always realistic
yes i dream he smile at me and joke with me
yes about him asking me out
dancing for him
no. i would like a dream that we went on a walk together and had a good conversation about each other and our future.
that he liked me
going on a date
getting to know one another better
he was smiling at me
about me and him geting trap someplace and where helpin each there
we become really good friends and we talk everyday
he was a shadow in my dream
we were dating
we had a dream we were dating
he kissed me
Do You Think That You Would Need To Make Yourself Pretty For Him? And Do Not Answer With What You Think Of Yourself!
yes i belive a guy should be around a desirable good looking girl
yes i want to be pretty for him
no he is not like that
i would like to look pretty for him but i dont think he would really care
yes i think sometimes
i might want to
yes and no
no he likes me for me
i dont think so
maybe a little bit
a little bit
no i an just the way i am
no he seems to stare at me on my worst and best days
yes, i always make sure my hair looks good in front of me
yes i would
no idk/
a little
not really
OK, This Is A Hard Question, But You Have To Be Honest.. Do You Think You Are Pretty?
i am pretty enough. i would be happier to mould myself in a look or attitude and make it more beautiful that will make my personality better
What Do You LOVE The Most About Yourself?
my face
my eyes
my attitude
having such great friends
my personality
my intelligence
good person
my hair, eyes, face, body
my smile
a good cook
my brother
my large personality
my large personality
i am compassionate
i have a good heart
my body
kind heart
my personality
What Do You HATE The Most About Yourself?
my teeth
my face
my sweaty palms
that i am shy
my stomach
my butt
my figure
my body
my weight
my fat
my skin color
my acne
my body my legs especially
my feebleness
my low self esteem
What Do You LOVE The Most About HIM?
his face
his eyes..
his personality
he can joke around at times and be serious at times
everything he is perfect in my eyes
a lot
his confidence
his smile
hes nice
his angelic face
his helpful and friendly
his body appearance
he is really funny and he cares a lot for me
his face, his personality, idk. everything about him
What Do You HATE The Most About HIM?
joke around to much
his beard
not being so funny and go talk with his ex
he likes some girl
nothing really
that he likes another girl
he worries too much sometimes
sometimes is quiet
he try to hide his emotins before me & try to act ignore me
he does not work
he doesnt talk to me
sometimes he can be overpowering
he knows me more than he thinks he does! its so strange
he is particularly mean to me by way of strong teasing-i do not know if it is intentional or not.
getting close with girls i hate
mean sometimes
dont hate
he sleeps around
he sometimes lies to me, he says was is on his mind which is bad for me,
Does He Compliment You?
sometimes, his behavior towards me. dat is a bit confusing. at some time he is kind of a gentleman and do exactly everything so good. at one time he acts really mean, act barely we know each other. at one time stares at me, i feel the connection, at other time acts mean, he is weird
he is not really talkative and responds with same thing