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this little quiz will give you and idea if the guy that you like, likes you back, it will only work if you are honest about your answers. Being in love is such a beautiful feeling. Your heart feels only joy and you can feel your heart smile, specially when you think about him.

Question 1. How old are you?
7-12 years
13-19 years
21-35 years
35 or Older
Question 2. Have you ever been in love before?
Question 3. How long do you know him?
I just met him
Less than one week
Less than 1 month
Less than 1 Year
Question 4. Are you friends with him?
No...not really
I dunno... kinda
Question 5. Does he talk to you?
We talk on the phone...
He emails me!
No we dont talk at all
He probably would... I just havent given him my email adress or number
He asked for my email adress and/or number before but i didnt give it to him
He emails me and we talk on the phone.
No... he only has my email, and he doesnt email me that much
Question 6. Does he...
play with your hair?
stare right into your eyes when you talking to you?
Is he mean to you?
do nothing...he acts the same around you as he does to everyone else?
look away when he sees you?
touch you?
simle at you?
not know your name?
has he kissed you?


interesting to see what you have to say regarding this test
this was a cool quizz
hes amaznig!!
this isjake what the heck
his personailty
this was a cool quiz
i like to see him and he makes me laugh. but i'm thinking that is married.he. got mad when i ask someone about him
i hope it's good
hes very cute and he is shy when im around and he looks at me a lot.he drives me crazy because he is so cute and nice too.
he's amazing and makes me happy
he's realy hot
how his personality is and how he looks like.i mean i really wanna no if he still likes me or not.we only text each other once in a while because his mother dont like me.how he acts.
i have liked him sence the begining of the school year , and we stair at each other.
he is very cute but one of my ex friends has alredy told him.
cux i dont know i just think he would be a nice person and know how to treats a girl rite
i cant explain i just feel it because he said he like me,then later on i feel it also the same way.
na na na na na anan ana ana ana na na
i love this quiz it made me feel like i am going to get him soon
good test, interesting, but want to see the results right away
he act lik he notice me
what drives me crazy about him is that he is hot
idk he is like my best friend and we talk al the time and i like him more then a friend.
he's nice when he wants to be, there's something about him. in the begining he was trying so hard to talk to me but i kept brushing him off because he seemed immature and we're so opposite and i didnt want to get heartbroken again, but now i cant get him out my mind for some reason so when i call he's says he's busy and wont call back, but whenever he sees me its all smiles and he's touches me and stares at me. but the calls stop he'll text but its chain letters and he'll respond if i text him. but the past two days i texted him he hasnt responded.
hey i kinda liked this quiz but it was a little too personal???
i lov dis quiz i had to admit..and thank you
i like this person cuz he is soooo funny and nice but also hot and popular. i think he likes me back... but im not sure. what drives me crazy is that he flirts with every girl.
his looks drive me crazy
not sure if he is into me or not
i love him! he is blond!
this was a good quiz!(:
i like him so much because he makes up for my mistakes. he treats me good (unlike my ex.) and i've known him for about 7 years. we hang out with the same kind of people, been in the same section in band, and he protects me from bullies
he's funny, cute and extremely sweet
i love him because he makes me feel special and makes me laugh alot i love him
Well I didnt tell him. He figured out. and right it frount of the class he was like " I know a secret" and my friend asked what secret and he said mine.
check this out!!! there are alot of ways you can find out if he likes you just like a friend or not
1. say ur name 10x
2. say ur mom's name 5x
3. say ur crushes name 3x
4. then paste this to 4 other quizs, if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday! but if you read this and did not paste this, then you will have very bad luck
I'm not impressed. It won't let me submit my test answers.
check this out!!! there are alot of ways you can find out if he likes you just like a friend or not
1. say ur name 10x
2. say ur mom's name 5x
3. say ur crushes name 3x
if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday! , then you will have very bad luck
it would not let me submit it thats gay i need to no if he likes me i like hem i wish there was some way u could no
i like this test and i hope he likes me cause i kinda like him i'm not into him but i like him
i like my Xbff but he is a body and i dont know what to do.!!!!!!!
okay well i like this kid and hes like "bf's" with this one girl that is suuuuper obsessed with him and worse parts are that i talk to her and her obsession is like suuuuuuuuper obvious!!!!! Idk whether to act dumb or just tell him I like him.... Another problem is that I dont seem to be his type(whatever his type may be)
this was funny reading everyones comments. and he LOVES ME !!!!
YAY this reaqlly works
and we have had love
It wouldn't let me submit! NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW!!!!!
This is my first time so dont be mean to me, thanks.
i like taking this test its kind of fun
i liked this test it was kinda fun
We are already dating and. I know were not in "love" it is puppy dog love andi like him a lot and he likes me too
Yay he does like me lol tee hee
Lie we both like eachother he even told me
I like this person, obviuosly. This quiz I believe is wrong because I am in love and I am not infatuation about him. I don't think he loves me because he is always talking about his long life crush around me. I know I don't like it because I like him, but seriously, it is actually kind of annoying. I mean, he is always talking about her and she pops up in every conversation that him and I share. I don't know what to do. HELP!!!!! :P
This thing sucks! i said i wuz 13 and it said i wuz too young to feel anything! DONT DO IT!!! BAD RESULTS!!!!
this is a cool website
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