I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

What Is Your Favorite Song?
everything by michael buble
cake by the ocean - dnce
bleeding out
dancing with the devil
the way you make me feel
changes by tupac
bank space
fight song
river by leon bridges
bird set free
taylor swift enchanted
or nah
say it
jet set blues
flex(ooh ohh ohh ) rich homie quan
blank space
thinking out loud
shake it off
How Do You Think He Would Respond If You Told Him That You Loved Him?
he would be weirded out
he would blank out
uhh ok
i dont know, he would just stare at me in a very long time
but, i have a girlfriend and i just like you as a friend.
me too.
i feel the same
he would be shocked and would think that i am weird, plus i already have a boy friend
he would say he knows
i also like you :)
i know
i do to i just was not to sure if you liked me
uhm wow
probably say what the #love# loool
actually i like you too!
i dont know.
i do not have idea
not sure
uhhhh ur weird
What Would Be His Reaction If You Were To Stare At Him?
nervous suprised
not much
i smile and he smiles back
he would make nervous eye contact and look away every quickly and avoid my eyes while still trying to look at me.
sometimes he would stare at me for a second and we will meet eyes. and then sometimes he will blush and look away
im normally zoned out he goes hello and waves his hand at me and i wave back
stare into my eyes
he would stare back at me until i look away. grinning his huge grin.
he stares back
look somewhere
stare back at me and make eye contact
he would run
freak out
look at nr and smile
looks away
he would smile
look away quickly
he would stare deeply into my eyes back and smile
look away
What Is Your Relationship Status Right Now?
see with eyes smile in eyes
best friends
hold my hand
im too scared
sorta friends.
good friends.
i do not have wone i think
not talking with each other since5 months
we are in a relationship as lovers and looking forward to marry in future
almost friends
school stuff
single for almost a year
Where Did You First Met Him?
at a filipino party
at church.
1st grade
at school
in kindergarten
in grade 3
grade 2
at a dance competition
i havent really met him but in school
1st floor hallway of our dorm building
1 gade
at school in a class
at the first day of school
first day of college
at a temple
in the classroom
parking lot
How Old Is He?
17 years old
not sure
11 years old
18 years and im 17
same age as me
13 or 14
19or20 sadly im only 12
around 35
my age
dont know
Describe His Personality
strong, masculine, loves god, enjoys the outdoors and appreciates his family
reserved, serious, shy, maybe insecure.
nice kind funny cute good with kids heart aching
he is a smart kind and funny guy. he can joke about and knows when to stop. he is so sweet and is a gentleman . he is caring
funny kinda quiet reserved
spontaneous, thoughtful
cute nice and respectful
handsome and attractive
tall gud looking funny
funny, athletic, shy (with me at least)
he is innocent
funny nice smart weird
mischievous strategist who always happens to remain calm ans carefree
If You Talk To Him Ever, What Do You Talk To Him About. (if You Don't Talk To Him, Just Enter 'none' And Please Dont Say Random Stuff. Be Creative)
can you give me your pencil?
family. school. upbringing.
our lives
talk about school
work, news, some personal stuff and other random things
i would say i love him but alone
we talk about the future and where we see ourselves and how many kids we want
dirty stuff
family, friends, religion, problems, futures, travel
school, friends etc
class work, where he lives,
i know that there is something going on between us and i think we should go on a date and see where this date lead us
about my hobbies, personalities or whatever
how was he doing
about school or something funny
school, life
everything from work to personal life
Have You Ever Had A Dream About Him? If So, Tell Me Something About The Dream. If You Havent Dream About Him, Tell Me What Sort Of Dream You Would Like To Dream About Him?
yes they were romantic
i dreamed that he loved me
he told me he was interested in me
yes, it was #love-ual
when he asks me out
yes i was lost and then he found me and we hugged😍
yes and we were talking and i think we were really good friends he may have even kissed me in the dream
he resents me.
he has sent me a message saying hi
yes one day his lil brother told me. he be on my facebook page. and he likes me
yes that he wants to tell me he loves me and he manages to and he kisses me to stop me talking
yes..i had a dream that he huged me.... to be honest i had like 4 or 5 dreams about him
kiss him
i just had a dream where we were in school and walking togather
i want dream of him which is my bestfriend who would be always there for me 24/7
yes i have dreamed about him
yes we were together
i kissed him at the dance
yes he was sitting beside me
yeah, hug
yes and we were at the beach and we were holding hands then he asked to marry me i kissed him and said yes we had 3 kids and lived happily ever after then i woke up
one dream i saw him not in the playground and the second dream he was walking alone infront of his freinds and his freinds are watching him and laghing and he was smiling at them and at me from far away
that i was dating him.
Do You Think That You Would Need To Make Yourself Pretty For Him? And Do Not Answer With What You Think Of Yourself!
a little bit
yes.i am traying to look beautiful for him
most likely
of curse yes
yes i guess
i feel like i need to look prettier because his ex girlfriend was pretty but it is too much effort lll
i think so
not really
be pretty for him
yes he likes people who are attractive
no i am perfect the way i am.. he cant judge me by looks.
no but it would be nice to look amazing
no he likes me for who i am
What Do You LOVE The Most About Yourself?
my ability to be caring and sensitive (when people think im hard and cold)
my determination and intelligence
about being kind-hearted
i am a nice person
my eyes
style hair
my heart
my eyes and hair
my eyes
my intelligence xd
my body
my personality
my smile
my hair
calm and simple
What Do You HATE The Most About Yourself?
my body and "chubby" cheeks
# silly #
my weight
i often get into stress and worry for that
my skin
my acne
too submissive
fear of depending on loved ones
pimples fuzzy hair
my voice
my body
too shy
my sweaty hands and feet
What Do You LOVE The Most About HIM?
how he is shy
he is a nice guy he look good and he will be friendly and i cant live with him such a nice guy i want to live with him forever
his looks
his sweerness
he is so funny and i donno friendly
his drive to be the best he can be
funny side
his beautiful soul
mysteriousness and good person
his attitude he is always positive
eyes personality everything
his personality
his personality and how much he cares about me
his spirit
his eyes
his hair
his goofiness
his face
his personality and smile
his look
What Do You HATE The Most About HIM?
he gives me mixed signals
when he suddenly makes weird comments
snob, feeling cool, when i think about him i feel like ive been shot in the heart.
the way he is mean i hate it when people are mean to me it #angry# me off
not very smart
when he ignores me
he is not putting an effort to know me more sooner
i dont really hate anything about him except for the fact that i feel i will need to live up to his high standards he should soon reveal.
when he flirts with other girls
he can be annoying at times
very slim
he smokes
not knowing if hes serious about us
so tall
he wont approach me
he is to shy
when he acts mean
being silent and not even smiling at me
being jealously